Antenatal classes really necessary?

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Lovemyboy Posts: 641
Hey girls, i was just wondering bout these i am currently 33 weeks. have to do private antenatal classes as couldnt get the hospital ones!! the private ones are €150 alot of money, i did yoga so learnt the breathing there much to the classes?? My sister just had a baby but it was her 2nd and she said not to waste my money doing them as the midwives in hospital tell you what to do during labour!!?? :-8 the earliest i can do the classes is 36 weeks also?? thanks!!
Daff Posts: 11644
Yeh I'd agree with your sister! I didn't learn anything I didn't already know so depends on how well read up you are on it I suppose. They basically go through things like your diet now etc, about being pregnant. Then they go through the stages of labour and how to recognise you're in labour and how long to wait to go in (on a first it would be 4 minutes apart, on a second 10 mins). Then they went through the different pain relief available. Bit on BF and formula feeding (this is a private day course I'm talking about) and then how to look after LO, just how to dress them and put them down etc. MOst of it was all in What To Expect and I'd picked up on here. DH found it interesting though cause he'd read nothing on it :o0 Mothercare do an evening that has a midwife at it and goes through some of it and we found good, but you'll have to sit through an hour of cots, buggys etc that you probably already have.
Lovemyboy Posts: 641
ok had a reply done and it vanished on me!! O:| thanks for the reply! i think like your dh mine would benefit from it as hes read nothing!! :ooh i mean i know the basics i think and my mamand sis are around to ask questions!! when in labour the midwives will tellme what to do, nd no matter what i learn at the class ill prob forget it all in labour!! :duh: i have the what to expect book and am sure i can ask on here anytime a question!! :innocent: someone always has an answer!! O-O
mommylicious Posts: 836
I missed the hospital ones so was going to have to go private, but most people say they're a waste of money if you've read a bit and have wol to ask questions. I don't kmow where you are but theres a mw in Naas who does a 3 hour intensive for 80 if you wanted to do it.
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
We did the ones on the hospital over 5 weeks which covered all the stuff listed above. By the last week we were sick of going to them. Everyone has told me that no class can ever prepare you and yes the midwife will tell you what breathing to do etc.
Sybil Fawlty Posts: 1541
You may be able to claim expenses back if you have health insurance. I did private classes which cost €200 and VHI refunded €199. I enjoyed the classes but in hindsight would say they are definitely not necessary. If you read up a lot and join in the pregnancy forums with any questions you'd learn as much.
John Walsh Guitar
Trafford Posts: 463
Wow! I'm amazed at the responses. I think the classes are invaluable as I was clueless about everything to do with the labour and a new baby. The midwives giving the classes have so much experience that just being able to ask them stuff was so reassuring for me. I would defo not rule them out, especially on your first baby.
EatLoveSleep Posts: 285
I didn't think they were great, the midwife wasn't wonderful at all. In fact she was very vague for some of the items. I am sorry we didn't do private class. I think do one of you can but don't lose sleep if you can't. Books/wol/rollercoaster can be just as valuable.
Daff Posts: 11644
It probably depends on how well prepared you are and if you're the sort to read up on everything. I read everything that was going so didn't learn anything new, but I've friends who wouldn't be like that and they wouldn't have known anything without the classes. Saying that I've some friends who've had a few babies and I'm still in shock with what they don't know :o0 The MW will tell you what to do when the time comes cause it all went out of my head tbh. Your body takes you elsewhere. Main thing would be to know the pain reliefs and the pros and con of each so you're prepared for that cause you might be too much in a panic to understand them telling you. Just things like en epidural can slow down labour etc.
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
If you were talking about the free ones, I'd say go for it, nothing to lose, but if I had paid for them, I don't think I'd have been happy about it. For me, it was good to get a look at the delivery rooms, and just knowing where stuff is in the hospital. I also learned a lot from seeing the video of a woman giving birth (I don't watch 'one born' and documentaries like that, so I'd never seen it). The washing baby, feeding baby, changing baby stuff was all a bit of a waste on me, and the midwives go through it again once you have the baby anyway.