Antenatal Classes @ Rotunda

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Amber2010 Posts: 5
Hi, Just wondering if anyone did the antenatal classes in the Rotunda and what they thought of them? Was thinking of doing the ones in the afternoon/evening. Thanks :)
Tess72 Posts: 1173
I did them last time and thought they could have been condensed a bit more but I was entitled to the time off work so I was happy to go along to them all. I was pretty clueless so found them quite interesting. The labour ones were good too but I didn't end up using any of the info. On this, my 2nd pregnancy I didn't bother going and I kind wish I had gone now. I was Semi private and they were free. A friend was private in the Rotunda and had to pay for them. Not sure why.
Amber2010 Posts: 5
Thanks Tess72! I was thinking of doing the semi private classes they are €150 for 6 evening classes or €250 for two evenings and a Saturday. Did they show you around the hospital/wards at your classes? Thanks
ems09 Posts: 318
When are the classes on in the Rotunda? I phoned up last Thursday and the girl said she would email me all the details but I never received them. I will have to ring them again, I am semi privtae in the Rotunda, but my friend did private ones with a mid wife for one full day on a Saturday and she said they were brill, this is because her husband couldnt make the weekday ones, I think these cost her about 150 euro about a year ago. I would love to know if u get shown around the hosp too. Thanks for the advise.
MeSB Posts: 3785
feather Posts: 1831
Im doing the afternoon classes, so far have only had one... the morning/afternoon ones are free to everyone I think... The "evening" classes cost €150 I think, which I would have paid for had the classes actually been in the evening... but 5pm is not the evening in my world... :eek
Amber2010 Posts: 5
Thanks for the replies girls! How many weeks were you when you did your 1st class and what time was it on? You are right about the evening classes, they aren't the evening if they start at 5pm!!