Anterior placenta anyone???

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Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Hi there girls, I had my 20-week scan today. Thank god all went well. Doc found out I have an anterior placenta (placenta to the front). I was just wondering do any of you have experience with that? I am feeling soft kicks at the moment. When did you feel "real" kicks with an anterior placenta, and when can DH expect to feel movement from the outside? Was also wondering if you feel your baby everyday like normal, or if it makes a big difference regarding movement.... My placenta was to the back on my first pregnancy so I have no idea what to expect now... Thanks girls :thnk
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
Hey I have an anterior placenta,only found out at 31wks. First felt movement round 20wks and DH actually felt it b4 me!I didn't find i had tons of movement to b homest till I hit the 32wks(did get kicks but not loads) and now i'm feeling loads of squirming and feet in ribs.Was told movement would b harder to feel cos of anterior placenta but i never thought i had it so i obviously was getting enough movement to keep me happy up till 31 wks.I think the movement changes round the 30 wk mark from kicking to squirming and that is more obvious... The only issue with anterior placenta is if it's low lying it can cover the cervix and you might need a c-section but this is rare and the doctors don't even pay attention to this until 37 wks because it will keep moving till then....
Gingham Posts: 3014
I have an anterier placenta aswell and it is fine...As Mini Donkey said, the only time there will be any need for concern is if it is low lying... I started feeling movements about 18/19 weeks. i had two days where I was worried about movements recently so I had to go into the hospital for a trace, when I mentioned to the doctor could it be because of my anterior placenta he said shouldnt make any difference at this stage(3rd trimester). So maybe in the 2nd trimester it might cushion the kicks abit but I never found this. hth
theoracle Posts: 7664
Hi Heavenleigh! I had anterior placenta this time round and I did not feel proper full blown kicks till week 22. Also it made it difficult to find the heartbeat with the doppler, they were always forever messing with it. labourwise it made no difference, I had a perfetly natural/normal birth with no difficulty. HTH.
neeov Posts: 4256
I had one too. I felt movement at 14 weeks and the bump was hopping at about 24 weeks. I felt kicks everyday, even had the funny whole belly wobble as she lipped from side to side. It can cause the baby to be in a difficult position for birth, called posterior, but you can still have a normal delivery, it just takes longer.
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Ah girls.... thanks so much for your replies :thnk You have all put my mind at ease a wee bit. I was worried that an anterior placenta would mean that I donĀ“t feel movement everyday, and I know that would freak me out. But it seems like you all felt quite a bit of movement, and there is big differences in what different women feel anyway. Thanks again... Anybody else with experience regarding this welcome :wv
March Baby Posts: 89
Hi Heavenleigh Also have one and I am 20 weeks. Have a little bit of movement (I think). My hubby can't wait to feel kicks, so fingers crossed it won't take long. Have appointment this week, I think I get a mini scan, but the next big scan will be 06th Nov and we will find out what we are having fingers crossed.