Anterior Placenta & Movement

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Hi all, I'm almost 21 weeks and have an anterior placenta. My gynae told me I would feel movement later as a result of this (after 20 weeks he said). From around 19 weeks I've been feeling little popping sensations about 2 inches below my belly button. Any time it happens (usually when I'm lying down), I put my hand in the spot where I've felt it and occasionally I feel it again and it does feel a little like something is touching me/applying a quick burst of pressure on the inside. Still's not all that definite and could be wind. Just wondering if anyone else knows what I'm talking about? I'm hoping it is movement I'm feeling. I'm not all that big yet so it would be so reassuring. It just isn't distinct enough to know for sure tho! I'm not getting that "fluttering" sensation people mention at all tho. It's more like single movements. Would love to hear from other anterior placenta ladies! Cheers, J
Little Boss Posts: 131
J, I too have my placenta to the anterior. I was so looking forward to feeling the reassurance of movement of baby. I had a scan with OB at 21 wks and upto that point, I had only been feeling "pops" very inconsistently, and generally quite low down. just like you, they were so infrequent, that I would wonder "was that only digestion/ gas?". I mentioned that lack of "movement/ kicks" to Ob and he explained that where my placenta is is acting like a cushion for the little kicks. Having seen the position of baby in scan, I started calling the pops head-butts cos it couldn't be a leg kicking judging by positions on scan. the pops I was feeling were just exactly as you are describing - so fear not [easy said....] Also, as confort to you, in the past 3 wks since that scan the pops are becoming more consistent and stronger too [I guess now that baby is getting bigger, the movement and kicks are also getting stronger so I can feel them more. DH felt a brilliant kick the other night...pure fluke with timing! Sounds to me like everything is normal for you. If you wanted peace-of-mind you could always go to GP and hear heartbeat - when are you due back for check-up? I was back with mine last wk and she said she couldn't get over how active my baby is :ooh :lvs. She said frrom palpating my tummy she could feel lots of movements and baby kept moving when she would get HB on doppler :lvs - little monkey!!! Hope you are well besides - enjoy the pops and try not to worry - all sounds good to me.
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd an upper anterior placenta on DD2. I felt movement very early but that was probably cause it was second baby and also that she was lower than the placenta. As time went on all the movement I got (the big strong ones) were out each side and never in the middle. Won't be long til you're getting these when LO has taken up all the space it has now.
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Thanks LittleBoss. Delighted to hear your little one is moving like mad. Hopefully it'll start to get more noticeable for me in the coming weeks. Reassuring to hear you had the same infrequent popping sensation as myself too.I was at my GP's this day last week and she found a hb but I am tempted to go again...eventhough I know she'll make me feel like I'm completely crazy (she tends to be a little patronizing when I'm fretful). Still though, I don't particularly care what she thinks if it puts my mind at ease. Might try and hold out till Friday. Not due back with gynae for over 2 weeks. Thanks also LMB. Hope you're recovering well. Out of curiosity, did you find that the kicks/movement weren't as strong on your second pregnancy as you had the anterior placenta?
Daff Posts: 11644
they were as strong just in different places. My left side got some battering at the end as DD2 had her back to the right and was facing my left so I'd arms and legs protruding out all the time. DD2 was far more active than DD1 in my tummy too - totally different out of it though, DD1 is a headcase that's always on the go and DD2 so far is nice and chilled - long may it last :o0
ZZZ79 Posts: 437
I had a low lying anterior placenta and while I did feel movement quite early on they were always to the sides or top of my bump never to the front untill the last few weeks when my little man was strong enough to give a good kick and u cud clearly see the movements. I never seen arms or legs sticking out anywhere like some women experience tho, I often wonder if I missed out much kick wise because of the placenta but because it was my first I had nothing to compare it to. My doctor did explain it to me as having a big cushion between baby and my belly and that's why I didn't feel movements to the front! U will feel movements so don't worry about that and u will be able to feel them on the outside too. I have a memory of trying to eat cereal one morning when a Surprise kick knocked the cereal off my spoon.....