Anti-D - what information did you receive?

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GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi everyone, I'm working on an article about the use of anti-D in Irish maternity care. If you had anti-D either during pregnancy or postnatally - did you feel you received enough information about it? What kind of information did you receive i.e a leaflet, information from your midwife/consultant? Thanks in advance! Tracy
Pinkly Posts: 1414
I recieved a leaflet explaining Rheusus Negative, it didnt really go into detail about Anti-D. I also got it after the birth of my DS as he's RH positive and midwive explained how it would prevent any anti-bodies forming for my next pregnancy.
Dee-Lite Posts: 403
I had the injection twice. The first was just before I was discharged from gyne ward after D & C. Due to a mix up I had to stay in over night, I received a leaflet on it that day i was admitted but got the injection the following day. I just remembered, while I was waiting for a bed they gave me my file and I looked through the biochemistry dept and haematology dept reports (I could understand it, coming from a biochem background), so I think I discovered I was rh -ve myself before I was told/ given the leaflet. I think there was also a post-it note on the front about it. I know the administration of the injection itself was really painful and I felt like someone had kicked me in the bum for days afterwards. The second one I had after DD was born and again I was given the leaflet a good while beforehand. I was dreading the injection given my previous experience but was pleasantly surprised as I hardly felt it. Overall I feel the information was good but I don't think anyone volunteered much additional information especially in the gyne ward but I suppose I didn't need to ask for it as I already knew a good bit about it to begin with. All the best with the article.
mayday08 Posts: 704
I got a leaflet from the nurse who asists the consultant when my blood tests came back. i was unaware that i was RH negative untill then. I read alot on it then on internet and this website as i was unsure what it really menat for me. Got an anti D injection before i left the hospital after the birth into the arm. Has to be given right into musle so that is whythe needle is long.