Anti-histamines/ insect repellant?

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dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi I went to the chemist at lunchtime to get some zyrtek for my holidays as i always get a heat rash and insect bites and usually take them. The chemist said you can't use them or the anti-histamine creams when pregnant Does anyone know if i can use anything else if i do get a rash or bitten? Also is it safe to use insect repellants? I get riddled with bites even with the stuff on so I have to use it
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I am the same and found piz buin sun cream the best for the heat rash. Went on sun holiday when I was 5/6 weeks pregnant and well I got rash on my legs and chest. It wasn't itchy thank God. GP said there is nothing you can use. No to insect repellent too as most of them actually contain rat poison. Bring aloe vera gel with you, this should help with the itching. To be honest I found I stayed in the shade a lot of the time. Be sure to cover your tummy aswell.
dovedro Posts: 1295
Oh god really? Well i can live without the anti-hhistamines for the heat rash as i just won't go in the sun too much but how can i avoid getting eaten alive by mosquitos? Surely it isn't good to get bitten by them either? I really to get riddled by them even if i cover up. Not sure what i'll do now
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
The rash I got wasn't itchy, even though it looked like a heat rash. Your skin is way more sensitive when your pregnant. What the GP said to me was that if they were itchy to go to her when I get home and she'll check to see if they got infected and she would give me antibiotics. I only got one or two bites weren't that itchy though. I am normally very bad.