Anti Natal Class should i go ?

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Hi ladies I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby , just curious to hear from anybody if they went the private saturday Anti natal class in the Rotunda ? I'm booked in for the class on the 17th september but not sure if they are worth going to ? also costing 200 euro for they day its very expensive :eek My question is Did you feel the class was of benefit during labour ? Are they necessary to have a easier birth etc ?
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
I'm not in the rotunda so don't know the structure of the classes but am looking forward to my own classes as I'm told that not only do they deal with labour related stuff but also caring for baba after it's born...I've never had to care for an infant so think this will be of benefit! as I was told re labour the purpose of the classes are to inform you of your options so you can make informed choices in your birth plan I'm on first baby too think this is beneficial also. That said I don't pay for my classes!
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
i'm not in the rotunda but I would recommend doing your antenatal class if you're a first time mum, both myself and hubby found it very beneficial. we did the weekly classes.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Definitely go to your ante natal class. It is really worth doing for both you and your OH. It is so informative and really makes you think of stuff you may not have considered before. I am with the Rotunda and went to a private class. Now, I didn't go to the one in the hospital itself - is that the one charging €200? We went to one via that is run on Saturdays in the Crowne Plaza in Blanchardstown and it was €180. It is given by Rotunda midwives. Worth it to us for the convenience of not have to go into town on weekday evenings for the free ones! We covered so much in the one day but all of it was very useful. Everything was covered from looking after yourself during and after pregnancy in terms of diet, exercise and relaxation techniques. Labour and birth - like how to know when you should go to hospital, the difference between true labour and false labour, pain management options. Breathing techniques and positions for birth. Even how to push properly! And of course care of Baby - bathing, feeding, changing, essential equipment & clothing etc. The ladies running the course were excellent and I expect it may be the same midwives doing the course at the Rotunda itself. Good luck and enjoy your class!
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
We went to a 1 day class last Saturday, the woman was a midwife from Holles St and she was recommended by work mates. We both found it very interesting and learned alot on the day. I'd advise you to go you'll be surprised what you learn, i know it's expensive but it's worth it.
mommylicious Posts: 836
For a variety of reasons I never made it to ante natal classes and had no idea how to even hold a newborn but my ds is 11 weeks now and thriving. And I found the breathing came naturally in labour.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
TBH I didnt really learn anything new in the antenatal classes (neither did DH!) first one was kinda interesting though but I think it was coz the speakers were good speakers! The second class was with the physio and I thought she would be showing us the different positions and getting our OH's to rub our backs :o0 but it was all just on the projector plus she has an incredible boring voice O:| Second part of the class was with the PHN and TBH didnt really learn anything new there either! But if I didnt go I wouldnt have known what I missed or didnt miss so its probably better to just go but I wouldnt have paid €200 for it :eek or Id have been rightly p!ssed off :eek Sorry meant to say it wasnt in the Rotunda so maybe a private class would be better than the free ones??
Thanks for all the reply's , I have decided to go to the class on satuday , hope it will be well worth while ..