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monkey2 Posts: 45
hey there, I had posted here ages ago about getting an engagement ring and got some good advice so it is just a quick post to let ye know that I am eventually the proud owner of my ring ! We went to Antwerp in the end and I would highly rec'd it. The city is just lovely- very romantic but also the most amazing shopping place too ! Giant h+m's is just the start of it! They have great shops for clothes and loads of quirky shops for bags and bits that you would not get in Ireland. The buying process was great fun and I felt much more relaxed then having to do it in Ireland. The guy we went to was really helpful and spent loads of time advising us. You save a lot of money and especially at the moment as Diamonds are traded in US Dollars so if you went now you would save a lot. One tip we got from was to offer to pay cash and they 'discount' the 21% vat !!!! Swheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !! And yes, I adore my ring and will deffo go back for the anniversary jewels !! O:o)
miamia Posts: 673
Congratulations Monkey 2!!! :o)ll Whats your ring like? We went to Dubai for my ring, you get great value there too :) Cant stop looking at my hand!! M x
monkey2 Posts: 45
Thanks! And congratulations to you too !! The ring is a Trilogy - 3 stones. 2 smaller stones either side of a larger stone. White gold band. Kinda a mix of vintage and modern looking as the setting is quite 'classic'. I had thought of getting a vintage ring but really hadn't a clue even where to start and then i fell in love with the idea of getting one made... So, go on. What's yours like !
miamia Posts: 673
Thanks too!! Mine is an emerald cut diamond in the centre and then a baguette (sp?) diamond band. It still feels so strange wearing one!! Have you set a date? M x
fbdragon Posts: 94
hey there, what jewellers did you use in Antwerp. We were thinking of doing the same. Thanks for the cash tip, thats a great tip.....I think we might be announcing our engagement before the dollar improves !!!
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
I have to agree, my H2B made the trip himself (surprised me!!!) after a lot of advice and found the shops in Antwerp brilliant the help from the owners amazing, he would highly recommend them and will doing a trip together for the bling bling eternity ring when the time comes!!! He was also told about the VAT waiver if cash was paid, saved a fortune and you get a lot more rock for your money there also!!!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
We are thinking of doing this. Can you get a direct flight or what is the best way?
swimfan Posts: 110
Plenty of information here:-
Carri Posts: 106
Hi monkey2 I was thinking of maybe going there to get my wedding band..did you notice if they had a good selection of platnium bands? Am looking for a diamond platnium band with diamonds the whole way around...why not!
monkey2 Posts: 45
We found the best way to get to Antwerp was flying into Amsterdam and getting the train. It really is the most straight forward way to go as the train goes from the airport and takes you all the way. Plus you could stay a night or two in Amsterdam for added fun. The guy we used (after much research) was Harold Philippe. The web is ...his name is actually Harold though ! He is so lovely and really helpful If you decide to head over feel free to pm me as he gives a loyalty card which allows a discount on people who buy from him - everyone benefits - the new buyer and the old !! Antwerp is really lovely too and it is such a buzz just the two of ye heading over. Wandering around, drinking beers and eating yummy food Sooooooooooooo exciting !!