Anxiety whilst pregnant!!

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All the way May Posts: 203
I'm just wondering does anyone suffer from anxiety and how they are managing now that they are pregnant. I developed anxiety literally out of nowhere just after I got married. All these completley irrational thoughts about whether I had made the right decision or not, I got myself into an awful state!! Anyhoo I was taking Cipramil for about 2.5mths until I found out I was pregnant and I weaned myself off them no bother. However now I find all the irrational thoughts are starting to come back, I am still seeing my lifecoach but I was wondering is there anyone out there in a similar situation!!??? Would really appreciate some feedback.
ros Posts: 749
Hi There, I just pm'd you.
sinion Posts: 6050
I've no information I'm afraid, just wanted to say I can imagine how you're feeling, my exes sister suffered very bad with anxiety attacks and my heart went out to her, like you they just appeared out of nowhere and took over her life. hope you're ok.
All the way May Posts: 203
All the way May Posts: 203
Girls I am really at my wits end, is there no one at all suffering from something similar and pregant!? :o(