Any 2009 Brook Lodge Brides out there?

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missymoo09 Posts: 210
Hi Just wondering, are there any 2009 Brook Lodge Brides out there? Im getting married in Aug 09 and booked venue in March of this year. Im just wondering, has anyone been in contact with them and if so how have you found them. Im getting somewhat concerned as they have already messed up with the bedroom arrangements, all my guests who have been booked in so far were booked in for our date in 2008 and not 2009 and they were not sympathetic at all about it (caused alot of confusion with those booked in guests)! Want to start to get the ball rolling with them and dont know whether it is too soon to start nagging them with over 11 months to go?
HogmanayBride09 Posts: 5
Hi there, I am getting married in BL in late 2009! That sounds altogether very confusing about the rooms! I have found Ger and Orla super helpful in answering any question that I have so I wouldn't worry about it being too early to start "pestering" them!!
missymoo09 Posts: 210
hEYA Thanks for the tip. I was just a bit nervous about the whole room (or might I say) year mix up with the guests rooms, very bizzare I thought too. Nothing can take away from the venue either.... Isn't it just purely magical!
Beck Posts: 432
We're May 9 next year. Have had BL booked since last July (2007!) and to be honest haven't had much else to do with them since. I've rung Ger a couple of times with questions about afters and new price lists. I am going to ring this week and make a an appt now to talk to her again, it's getting close to when they're going to start looking for money again... We did go down for the night on our anniversary, and made sure they knew who we were, got fabulous service and wine complementary with dinner! And then last night, se ended up in Actons, it's my parents local, sitting at the bar going through our guest list!!! H2b had to have several pints to get him through the stress! It's a pity about the room mixup, but you are a bit early with that, and mistakes do happen. Still, they should be pleasant. Were you just dealing with reception staff over the mixup or did you bring it up with Ger?
whatsnext Posts: 199
hi girls just want to say i went to view brook lodge yesterday and its AMAZING!! i had been to a wedding there around 3 years ago but the new brook hall is just amazing - we have a date booked with ballybeg for next winter and just ended up talking to brook lodge last week and ger mentioned they had some cancellations for next summer - we met with orla who was lovely and we are now in big time decision making mode - i didn't think i would love brook lodge but i do - its just so bloody expensive for the food which annoys me - am depressing myself today working out figures and options for both places and trying to cover everything off to see if that will halp us make a final decision. but leaving my stress out of it - you have made a great choice, it has huge wow factor and is very classy and unique. ger and orls both seem great and i'd say your in good hands. i will keep you posted if i decide to become a summer bride and join you in BL next year!
missymoo09 Posts: 210
Hi Beck Yes I do agree it was very early in booking the rooms, but BL advised us to book them as soon as possible as when we set the date as there is a wedding on the day before and they day after mine and the hotel for these 2 other weddings had been booked solid. The gas thing is that all the guests quoted our names for the wedding and reservations (I nearly had a heart attack as I thought they had taken the incorrect year for the wedding)... and was told a mix up was a mix up, but Ger was really embarrassed about it when I said what was said to me by reservations. I bet you are so excited with BL wedding...... Im uber excited!
newlyengaged Posts: 255
Hi girsl, im also getting married in brooklodge - oct 09. Cant wait for it - i just love that place! We are going down for our pre-anniversary this october for the night, so I'll be able to let you all know how it goes. Dying to try the food in the strawberry tree - have heard fantastic reviews!!!
missymoo09 Posts: 210
Food in Strawberry Tree is absolutly amazing,!
whatsnext Posts: 199
hi there I never wrote back to say I am officially an 09 BL bride - next July! Just wanted to say that I got the 09 menu prices this morning - what does anyone else think? and what are you having- choice? anyone know how a choice of mains affects the price. and what are you doing for drinks reception, price of processco is a joke!
missymoo09 Posts: 210
Hi Sophie I havent received it yet, but cannot wait to see it. How much have the prices increased by, I was told by them to expect a 'small' increase? Is there much change from the 2008 menu?