Any 28th December 2007 Brides out there??

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X-mas07 Bride Posts: 60
Hi Girls and Guys, Just wondering if there are any other 28/12/07 weddings out there???? And if there is how much you have done??? All of our big things are booked Church Hotel Band Photographer Church Music Florist Dress maker - but no dress decided on Yet!!!! And we are starting to get down to the rest of the bits now, the list goes on!!! We are starting to look at the honeymoon now aswell. We have been engaged since last Feb, and it is hard to believe there is only 11 months to Go!! Cant Wait :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Hi, i am 28th dec 2007. well done with all you have organised. i have church hotel band dj photographer florist premarriage course in march 3 months notice given. looking at dresses now. would love to get cake and cars sorted as soon as possible and church music.
Octomum Posts: 131
Hi, Another 28th December bride here. So far I have organised: Hotel Church Car Band DJ Cake Car Photographer Videographer Dress (kind of) Church music 3 months notice Just starting getting phonecalls today from family about whether their kids can come to the wedding or not!!! Let the head-wrecking begin!!!
Dolphin Lover Posts: 303
Hi all!! I have the following organised and booked Venue Church Priest Photographer Band / DJ 3 Months Notice Form My dress Pre-marraige course (doing it in May) Gospel Choir My dad is driving me so not booking cars. Friend helping me with flowers. Currently searching for Bridesmaid dresses. Have it in my head that I want a very dark green (almost like bottle green) but its hard to find. We have a good idea of the honeymoon. Just need to finalise details in our head and then get booking- we are going to book online ourselves. My sister is buying my veil and my friend is buying my shoes. My FMIL is making the cake so just have to get it iced and already have an idea of what way I want the cake to look. I have ordered samples of invites and am pretty sure I know what I will go with (once I find the bridesmaid dresses to fit in with the colour scheme!!) And yes we have phone calls aking how many rooms should the family book in the hotel (ie are the kids going). We are limiting the numbers as we don't want a hoard of kids but it might be hard. We've been engaged since July 31st this year so have had plenty of time to organise. Great to hear where you are all at. Keep in touch
Cailin deas Posts: 765
Hi Guys - we have a december brides 07 thread going somewhere here below and im sure you will find plenty of twins for that date! :wv
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
dec282007 thats weird you got engaged just 3 days after me and my hotel also rang to see what rooms i want booked! the time is going to fly, really have to sit down and get organising again.
mrscakes Posts: 105
mrscakes Posts: 105
Oh God.... actually worried now!
Dolphin Lover Posts: 303
hey just following on to see how everyone is going.... since I last wrote I have the following: i'm hoping to order bridesmaid dresses today! did our pre-marriage course last week have my shoes! honeybook is booked have been looking at wedding bands have also rejigged the guest list :eek numbers increased to include cousins and some friends we had as afters. some major savings needed now! hope everyone going well. just over seven months to go :wv
Richie Posts: 146
Anyother 28.12.07 bride here. I have hotel, church, band, photographer booked. Dress almost ordered, still looking for videographer and going to listen to Church music next weekend.