Any 5th June Brides-what date to rsvp by?

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too soft Posts: 518
Hey girls,Getting invites done and not sure what date to have rsvp by?any idea and when should they be sent out,never realised there would be so many fiddleily bits thanks
fish12 Posts: 389
ludicrous Posts: 529
Hi my wedding 4th June, i'm thinking of having the rsvp wither Fri 21st May or Monday 24th May. I don't really see the need to have it any more that 2 weeks before because there's always going to be people late with their reply! And 2 weeks is loads of time to ring around people who haven't replied! HTH :wv
too soft Posts: 518
that great girls so about 2-3 before the wedding as rsvp date and 6-8 before wedding to send out Thanks a mill