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Davis Posts: 78
Hi Everyone H2B and I are attending our marriage course in two weeks time (weekend job) and was just wondering if anyone done their course and what should we expect. Not that we have anything to hide, but just a little insight as to what to expect would be great. Thanks a mill in advance
gerbil Posts: 3528
we did ours two weeks ago, an accord run course ( they started by explaining that they realise we all live together etc and that times have changed, and that many people were there under duress and please don't hold it against them, but give the course a chance. Most people did, i think (except the bloke who fell asleep during the priest's talk :o0 ) there were different sections, the first was about relationships and communications the next about sexuality but which was more a rehash of teh communications session. both were good though, and then after lunch there was the priest talking about legal requirements, paperwork, how to book church, choose readings etc, really practical stuff. then we had a couple talking about their relationship, pretty ok, overall very much more enjoyable than I expected...and if people join in it goes by much quickler but if everyone sits there staring at the lecturer you can imagine the tumbleweed rolling by :)
garran9 Posts: 4401
We're doing ours tomorrow! I'll let you know O-O
Davis Posts: 78
Thanks a mill Gerbil, we have heard all strange stories about this course and just had no idea what to expect. I will let you all know how we got on - hopefully we wont kill one another (no chance of that - too much to clean up)
Davis Posts: 78
Davis Posts: 78
Look forward to your shared experience Garran9. Hope it goes well for you both. talk to you soon
gerbil Posts: 3528
lol davis, my cousin was at oen years ago and a couple broke up, right there in front of everyone. It does happen I believe but on ours people sort of wandered off and had a chat at break or lunch and everyone we were talking to seemed to be getting something out of it!
2008alash Posts: 8
God Im shocked you's are doing this already I thought it was something I would worry about 3mths before. I am hoping to speak to our priest and see will he allow us not to do it as we have a baby and I really dont want to leave him for a whole day with someone to talk about the seriousness of marriage. Inm sure it would be fun, Id be the type to join in with anything.One friend of mine managed to get out of it so fingers crossed
Davis Posts: 78
Well the reason for doing it so early is that 1. places are hard to get and 2. we can really only do it at a weekend (at a push - H2B's boss not the easiest to negotiate with). some course were two nights a week for two weeks and it just won't work out for us. Plus the priest that is marring us is big into them. I prefer to get it out of the way and then start gearing ourselves up to sitting with the priest for a few hours. That should be good.
Topolino Posts: 1659
[quote:2kc87if7]I am hoping to speak to our priest and see will he allow us not to do it as we have a baby and I really dont want to leave him for a whole day with someone to talk about the seriousness of marriage.[/quote:2kc87if7] My friend has children so the priest said they ddn't have to do the course. Ours went on for ten weeks with three masses and a dinner on top of that! We'd talks from lawyers about divorce and family law, watched a video on the joys of labour (!) and had a lecture on the evils of abortion!!! Enjoy!