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Mooches Posts: 875
Hi Ladies, Just to give you some background...I'm a lurker on this forum :-8 as I want to know what's ahead of us when we start TTC next year so please excuse me if my knowledge isn't the best. Anyway, a Polish friend of mine recently found out she's pregnant (about 9-10 weeks now she thinks). She thought that 12-14 weeks was a really long time to wait to have the first scan and she's the first to admit she's clueless and has loads of questions so her and her DH decided to go to the MediPol doctor (medical centre geared towards Polish patients, no language barrier etc.) for an early scan. So they went for the scan yesterday and paid €100 for it only for the doctor to tell her she was NOT pregnant! :eek She said the doctor was horrible, didn't explain a thing to her, nothing. She went home, cried, slept then her husband insisted they go to the hospital to double check as he didn't trust the Polish doctor. In the hospital she had a blood test yesterday evening and then a scan today. She called in to tell me what happened. She said the nurses and doctor were just so nice and that they explained everything to her. They confirmed that she IS pregnant and that her dates could just be wrong (her periods are irregular so she's not sure of dates). I went to the pharmacy with her looking for a test that would come up with how many weeks gone she is as opposed to the pregnant / not pregnant ones. They didn't have any of that type and suggested a scan to determine how far gone she is. O:| She has a scan next Tuesday in the hospital to check up on her. I suppose I've a few questions to ask you helpful wollies on her behalf... *) When is the earliest you can see the baby / hearbeat on a scan? (She said she had a 'mini period' possibly implantation bleed around July 10th - would this mean she's only 6-7 wks gone? - when does implantation occur?) *) Should she be concerned or is it simply just too soon to see heartbeat? (if I understood correctly, the sack can be seen on the scan but no baby / heartbeat) *) Is it common for doctors to tell you you're not pregnant when you are? I just found that SO shocking and an awful thing to tell her. :eek *) What can she expect to see in the scan she has next Tuesday? Her and her husband are of the mentality that if their little bean isn't a sticky then it was just meant to be , they're just relieved that they're able to get pregnant in the first place (they tried for a year without success 2 years ago and this little bean was a very welcomed surprise). Sorry for the long post but I know there are some great wollies out there that can answer some of these questions so I can reassure her as she's really worried and I want to do what I can to calm her nerves a little. Thanks in advance. :wv
Crostini Posts: 1105
The heart can be seen around 8 weeks. anything before then and it's hit and miss. implantation bleed doesn't happen in everyone unfortunately, buyt i think it's 3-4 days after conception. the polish doc shouldn't have told her she wasn't pregnant without a test, but as she was just there for a scan, i'm guessing he wouldn't have done a pregnancy test anyway. i'm assuming she did a test herself in the first place? she's best off signing up with a regular GP. edited to say - if she is 8 weeks or more gone, then she'll see a small blob with the heart beating, that'll be it really!
Mooches Posts: 875
Thanks for your reply First for us, it seems that she's not as pregnant as she thought she was! :o0 bit of a relief to hear that it all seems normal. We were on hols when she got her bfp but I presume she had a positive on a test but it must have been very early on. I must ask her. It makes sense what you said about her only going for a scan and that the doc didn't have to test. I think if he'd have just told her that it would have saved an awful lot of anxiety. Thanks again :thnk :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
OH the poor girl, it's such a worrying time as it is, and then to have that extra stress! I'd my scan at 7 weeks, i could see and hear the heartbeat and the blob - but this isn't always the case for everyone. If she's going to the hospital for the scan, they'll try the external one first as far as I know, but if there's still no heartbeat they'll try internally - this is meant to give the best results and can be heard from 6 weeks onwards as far as I know. They might do more bloods too to test the increase in her hormones since the last visit HTH
Mooches Posts: 875
Thanks for your reply daffodilbride, it's good to hear that there doesn't seem to be much cause for concern. Thanks again :thnk :thnk :wv