Any advice on buying wedding rings in the North?

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Mommy2Two Posts: 704
**posting here as it gets more traffic than BLING** H2B & I are thinking we might save if we went up north to buy our wedding rings. has anyone done this? I'm a bit sceptical as we're based in Cork so need to factor in 2 nights accomodation, travel, etc. Plus I will need to make up my mind in a couple of hours - what if I can't?! Any advice appreciated - if you have done this, did you have huge savings or just the difference in the VAT rate? On the plus side, I guess we could also buy the wine for the wedding while we were there, so might be worth it . . .
NickyNin Posts: 56
Hey, Did you do this? I was thinking of going up this weekend but like you I'm wary. I also want to get a custom made wedding ring Thanks, Nicky
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
I wouldn't worry about the selection of rings. There are a LOT of jewellery shops up the North. We went to three in Belfast and there was a great selection in all three. If you're going up that far, pm me and I can give you the names of the jewellery shops we went to. The only other thing I'll say is you're ring won't be ready on the spot. I had to wait a few weeks for mine... so that might mean a second trip up?? Although I'm sure these places would be able to send it down to you by registered post or something.
allotta Posts: 856
we went up on a day trip 2 derry (faller jewellers)...very good value we saved a fortune compared to quotes we got in dublin...u can look at their website to c rings n prices it really depends on wat ur lookin for...sumthin fancy(diamonds etc) prob b worth it, but if its just a plain band u prob better off buyin it n cork. ud have to work at value of food, acc, n travel plus ring to c if u wud actually save money......but then again ud b gettin a wkend away n a ring for the price of a ring if brought in cork.
early days Posts: 691
Just replied in the other thread but worth repeating that it's definitely worth going up North. Would second the recommendation for Fallers in Derry. Ours are plain platinum and palladium and we still saved a fortune.
bijou Posts: 1154
I saved up on [b:22ui497z]1,400 [/b:22ui497z]euro on my ring from Fallers in Derry. I did try on my ring in the shop, but came back home to think about it. I finally made up my mind to go for it. I rang them, they took my credit card details over the phone and posted the ring at no extra charge. No need for a second visit! Iwas lucky that the one I wanted was there in my size when I tried it on. You should find out your ring size and make sure you get the 3 C in the diamonds, so you can really compare like for like when you are shopping! Best of luck!