any advice pls???????

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bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
Hi all, your prob sick of another thread related to weight loss, but heres my prob, i cannot seem to shift any weight no matter what i do, what annoys me most is that i eat v healthily and i rarly sit binge eating or eating junk, a typical morning- i have my porridge for breakfast, half a brown scone at 11,-sometimes, salad for lunch with a small bit of dressing 2-3 pieces of fruit throughout the day dinner at approx 6-7pm- wrap with chicken and salad, which varies every day, Last wk i started going to the gym 5 days and burned approx 400 calories each visit, If i do decide to splash out i try have snack-o-jacks or snax crisps, choc weight watchers bars etc!! snacks that i would consider- not that bad, i also drink 1.5-2litres of water a day At wknds myself and h2b treat ourselves to a chinese take away, He lost half a stone on a smoothie diet we tried -guess how much i lost- nothing!!! My weight stays at 10lbs.6 the whole time, i could lose a pound or 2 and 2 days later its back on again, Another thing i feel i should mention is that i dont have a regular bowel movement- it could be every 2-3 days, have tried taking kelp tablets etc, even senokot- which works but i feel the movement should be natural, Also what annoys me, is that one time many years ago i used to be thin, now nothing fits me, i used to be an 8 now 12-14 all my friends are thin and losing weight!!! Any suggestions????? Thanks sorry for harpering on!!!
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
i know i should have posted this on health and fitness-i did, just thought id get a bit more response here
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Hi I am not one to give advice on weightloss as I am a size 20 :-8 but a friend of mine was stuck at a certain weight and couldn't move from it but she went to an allergy testing place and they found out that it was a certain type of food she was eating which stopped her from reaching her target weight. She cut this out and flew from there. HTH
nea dude Posts: 749
It wouldn't be a bad idea to get your bloods checked, incase something shows up there, thyroid etc...
skittles Posts: 1312
ah you poor thing, sounds like you are doing everything right but if you only started going to the gym last week you really need to just stick with it cos it can take some time to see changes.also i wouldnt go by what the scales says,id go by how you feel in your clothes. and if all else fails you might consider a trip to see your gp just in case there is any medical reason you cant shift it. best of luck :thnk
s wife Posts: 1445
if you are doing that much excersise and been as good as you are and nothing's hapening id suggest going to a dietition the one's that look at different food groups etc you never know if you cut our wheat or whatever the dietition suggest's it might work,i know a few girls that have done this and found certain food's just didnt agree with them and as soon as they cut theses out the weight fell off them, sorry i cant be better help :wv
s wife Posts: 1445
sorry double post
s wife Posts: 1445
cw2bmum Posts: 387
Hi Hazeltweety, My advice is go to weight watchers. I was like you around 10 stone 5, always trying to lose weight myself, most I ever lost was half a stone then it went back on again so quickly. Went to ww for 6 months and lost 10lb - very slow I know but it's most I've ever lost it has stayed off even though I have not been counting many points over the summer months. Also that 10lb off resulted in a smaller dress size for me and everyone notices it!! I did come back from my holiday abroad a little heavier as you may have noticed from a previous post but I'm back to original weight again now after just one week ( and I haven't been starving myself ) I see our weddings are in 2010, plenty of time to get down to 9 stone O-O sO GO TO WW, Good luck! P.S you will be amazed at how much you can eat on ww programme, I've never once felt deprived of anything ( well maybe sometimes, But it feels good 2 make the effort!)
bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
thanks guys, think im gonna have to go to weight watchers and make the time to go and stay for the meetings, went approx 2 years ago when i wasnt as heavy as i am now and lost approx half a stone in 3 wks, found it good but the meeting times were a pain!