Any advise re others dogs?

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happycamper2 Posts: 452
So upset today, we took our 7 month retriever for a walk on the beach, first time off the lead, after training. Anyway he did great, loved the water, but there was a man jogging up the beach with two big dogs looked cross boxer/Akita. So we called our fella over. He was hiding between by legs I was holding harness when one of the dogs came over, he started attacking our fella who was getting really hut, my daughter and I where screaming and my dh was running up to us, the man caught up to his dog. I was holding our fella who was very upset, I heard the man say ah he was only playing and when I looked up the man had continued running with his dogs. I was in so much shock I didn't know what to do. Now I'm really angry and upset feel like I let my boy down, he was over trying to get me to mind him and I couldn't.. I can't stop thinking about it, sorry I know this is long but was wondering how anybody else would handle this as I think knowing what to do if anything like that happened again might help..
McLisa Posts: 1815
Sorry I don't have any advice other than these situations make me so angry. We spent a lot of time and effort socialising our dog and training him that it makes me so mad when something like that sets them back. Imagine that was a small child or even a smaller dog. If he was a regular there I would definitely give him a piece of mind next time I saw him and report him to any wardens around the beach!
newlywed0912 Posts: 734
Oh no that's awful, hope ur little doggie is ok. And you of course, you must of got some fright
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Like McLisa I don't really have any solid advice, but would definitely keep an eye out for him next time and have a stern word. We'd a similar issue with a guy who moved into our old neighbourhood. He used to walk his two dogs off lead and they'd inevitably come into our garden and sh*t. My DH was fuming over it when one day I'd my own dog outside letting her go to the toilet (I was standing at the door in my socks) and they trapse into the garden and attack her. It was awful and she was really shook from it, on her own territory she was hurt. I roared at the guy to keep his dogs on a lead from now on and in fairness he did at least when walking past our house. I don't think he kept it up the entire time because my FIL gave one of them a bump in the car when visiting us. He said the dog jumped off the footpath and dashed in front of his car. It really bothers me when people don't train their dogs well. When we got our pup we didn't have all the money in the world so couldn't afford training but researched and trained her ourselves. We met other dog owners and socialised her. We often get compliments on how confident she is for a border collie (as they're skittish by breed) and she's very well behaved! There's absolutely no excuse!!!! Right, realise I've written a novel here! Just had to rant about this as it bugs me so much! Hope you do get to see the guy again Happy Camper and give him a piece of your mind!!!
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
This annoys me too. We spent a lot of time and money training Buddy and only let him off lead when we were confident he'd stay with us and was very used to other dogs. Pity others don't do same. Can't understand why anyone wouldn't socialise their dogs is beyond me. Buddy is great with other dogs, really friendly and just wants to play but I'd still be wary some other dogs aren't as friendly and may try to hurt him.
happycamper2 Posts: 452
Girl thanks so much for your advise, I was so upset after it happened... We had a walk today, I was do much more cautious of other dogs, but all went brilliant, spoke with an aunt of mine who told me rather then taking a stick bring a choke chain lead. So bought one to bring with me:-) Hoping I don't run into that guy again, but he was great and made a friend today:-) Thanks again guys, don't know what I'd do without wol