Any Castleknock Hotel Brides out there??

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miabella Posts: 212
Just wondering If theres Anyone getting married in Castleknock Hotel & country club or If anyone has already gotton married there already,or even if you went to a wedding there recently???? Just wondering about food standard etc. Also want to chat about chair covers & civil ceremony cheers :wv
kittypurry Posts: 897
i was at my step sister's wedding there in march. the food was gorgeous and all the staff i encountered were really polite and helpful. the hotel is immaculate. the only thing i didnt like about it was the shape of the function room. it felt like we were split into 2 groups. its in an L shape
charlenelong Posts: 51
hi just want to say i agree with princess2707 , i loved the hotel myself but the room did worry me also . we had friends that attended a wedding there a few weeks ago and it was one of the things i asked them to report back to me on as i did feel it would be a spilt room feeling . they said they couldnt see band but you could suggest that the band play somewhere in the room so everyone could see them. hope this helps you . i didnt book in the end myself for this reason but you could talk to them and see what they say . best of luck charlene
miabella Posts: 212
thanks girls for feedback, only having 100 people at wedding so wont have the L shaped room,theres a partician wall that makes room into a rectangle shape. Also not having a band just DJ so wont have that problem of not seeing band. Good to know food was nice. :thnk
CastleknockHotel Posts: 4
Miabella, I hope you don't mind me writing on this post. My name is Andrew Kavanagh, Director of Sales and Marketing at Castleknock Hotel & Country Club. In relation to the discussion, it is true that the hotel does have an L shaped room. In fact it's actually a horse shaped room but that is because it is the combination of 4 rooms that can be separated or combined where necessary. However, 80% of weddings are under 140 people in the Dublin area. Our main room can accommodate 140 people without using the L shape. In fact it's a great benefit, as we can setup the band in the other room and push back the wall to unveil the band in the evening which looks quite impressive to the wedding couple and their guests. With people on the dance floor and people generally moving around or out in our brand new smoking area, you don't have problems seeing the band. I hope this helps confirm your opinion of the room. I can also inform you that we have a new lighting system in the room, a new bridal suite and wedding garden all of which will be available for weddings in 2010.
miabella Posts: 212
Thanks Andrew,This has been a great help.