any Clomid Pregnancies here???

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fingersx Posts: 193
Hi Ladies, I would usually be on the TTC forum and have been trying for 18months + and now am on Clomid. I was just wondering how many of the pregnancies on this forum are the result of Clomid or some other fertility drug? Just looking for a bit of hope i guess! thanks x :wv
oldwolnewman Posts: 58
Hi there I have a 13 month old gorgeous baby boy as a result of taking clomid. I too was trying for 18 months before taking this. Hope it works for you! Oldwol
Sassy Posts: 2269
I am now nearly 17wks pregnant as a result of clomid. I conceived on my second month. So don't lose hope it works
fingersx Posts: 193
:thnk Thanks so much for the replies, i think when couples are going through all the different fertility treatments they need a little something to give them hope that its all worth it! it works! take care both of you x please keep the replies coming! x
Mrs.Dee Posts: 372
Hi, am also going on Clomid next month and would love to hear the BFPs relating to this treatment.
fingersx Posts: 193
Hi Mrs Dee, there doesnt seem to be many huh?! I guess theyre all mad busy with their new babies?! How're gettin on anyway? I have just ov. on the weekend so joining the 2WW!