Any colour wedding shoes?

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Ashweddingnovice Posts: 25
Hi girls, My wedding is in just under 3 months now. I went looking for wedding shoes and couldn't find any at all that I liked (tried BT, House of Fasier, M&S, and all the usual). I ended up falling in love with a pair of grey shoes from Dune with big diamanté bow on each toe (the shoe is called Bambi). My mum is adamant that they are not wedding shoes and must be white. I couldn't resist so I ended up buying them anyway. They have a court shoe heel so even though over 3.5inches high they are super comfy! Do you think I can wear them on the big day or is it a no-no to have grey shoes? Not sure how to add an image to this!(I will give it a go) [img:g4icdw9m]$V7PdpLarge$[/img:g4icdw9m]
esla2016 Posts: 214
I think they are fab! What's the rest of your colour scheme? I am going to wear either dark silver or snakeskin - I don't like traditional bridal shoes at all, and I'll never wear white shoes again.
comprometida Posts: 143
Hi Ash! They are gorgeous shoes. I'd say to hell with tradition! You're the bride, wear whatever you want. If you love them and they are comfy don't mind what anyone else says! I've got myself some cobalt blue suede peep toes for the big day that I just ADORE! couldn't have been bothered with white shoes I'd never wear again!
audsblonde Posts: 58
They are fab shoes. Im not bothering with the ivory/white shoes as I will never wear them again. I have bought a gorgeous pair of blue satin shoes with a silver buckle from carvella, however these are very high so I bought a gold peep toe for the day.
Ashweddingnovice Posts: 25
Hi Esla, I am going sorta vintage pastel colours. The Bridesmaids are wearing, lilac, light pink, peach and light grey/blue dresses and the flowers are all mixed pastels! I am hoping as my dress is sort of relaxed that these would look nice peeping through but you prob won't see the heels of them on the day! The men are wearing dark grey suits and the groomsmen are wearing light grey ties so it's not like the colour is off the wall. Right??? Comprometida that's great you picked a different colour too. Your shoes sound very SATC!! I felt the same way. I would never wear white ones again and I'm not a fan of the satin shoes so I just couldn't see anything else I was happy with when I tried them on!
esla2016 Posts: 214
Sounds like a beautiful fit, I think it will look lovely. I love the real weddings photos will unusual shoes - your photog will be able to do a lovely shot with them
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Go for it, they're lovely shoes from Dune! I love them. Grey can be very chic, you could get grey shellac on your nails. If there's one thing I can't stand it's the"traditional" satin covered wedding shoes the bridal shops sell. Out of all the fabulous shoes in the world why would anyone buy them, I think they're poxy. I was planning to get sapphire blue shoes but in the end went for gold & ivory Courtesans from Irregular Choice. A friend of mine wore hot pink shoes, anything goes. And if your dress is long it's not a big deal what the shoes are like, nice for a few photos.
E.Rose Posts: 188
They're fab shoes, and the colour sounds perfect with your colour scheme! I'd say please yourself, there's no use buying shoes you hate just for the sake of tradition. These days, anything goes! Personally, I hate wedding shoes, but that's just my taste. I was originally going for red shoes, but when I got my dress, there's subtle pinks in the embelishments, so the red ones I'd picked didn't suit. I did end up going white in the end, but only because I'm a swing dancer and I was buying swing shoes that I'd wear again for dancing after the wedding and the white ones happened to be ones I love! In fact, I considered not getting them because they're white!! These are the ones I'm getting! There's subtle pink in the shoes too so they'll be nice with the dress. ... 1024390796 I'm also going vintage/ pastel in my colour scheme!
Ashweddingnovice Posts: 25
Thanks so much everyone, so glad I was able to ask you all! It can be difficult to feel like you made the right decision with something (especially if not considered the norm). The idea of grey shellac nails sounds fab! I actually hadn't thought of that!! The dress is long indeed so it should just peep through at times.
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
I wore bright blue shoes too and loved them!! They are strappy with big bows on the back, so so so pretty! I had a soft cream colour on my toes as I didn't want to be too matchy with my hands which had a french manicure. The cream colour with the brght blue looked great (if I do say so myself :compress ) My dress was long with a big skirt so I had to pull it all up to really see them, you catch the odd glimpsy in pictures and video when i am getting out of the car or when my dress was being pulled up to mind the train on the street/grass They were exactly what I wanted and I am so glad I have something from the day that I can wear again (well I might dye or chop up my dress to wear again but not for another while :yelrotflmaosmilie: ) Your shoes are really fab and it sounds like they go perfectly with your theme, they will be perfect on the day if you love them :lvs