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ME June 07 Posts: 32
Hi all, We are getting married next year we have provisionally booked 4 photograpers but now we want to decide. We have: Jack Ruane Ballina Michael Dillion Galway Karl Keaney Claremorris Connor Mc Keown Westport All comments welcome.....
curlyb2b Posts: 269
Hi ME June 07, we have Michael Dillon booked for November. I've met with him and seen sample of his albums and I love his work. He is young and easy going and has a great eye for different shots. You should meet with him and go through his stuff, he puts you under no pressure whatsoever. Out of the other three, Karl Keaney is the only one I know. I've seen loads of his albums as a lot of friends and family have used him down through the years. While he is very good and the quality of photograph is excellent I have to say ALL the albums I have seen are exactly the same. He wouldn't be great at the natural pose/reportage stuff and is very much into the staged photos. Depends really what style album you want. Good luck, Curly
Gal1 Posts: 40
Hi ME June 07, I got married on the 11th of August and had Michael Dillon as the photographer. He was excellent. He came to my mothers house the morning of the wedding and waited patiently in the background as we had just come back from Bellissimo. He took some nice shots from the landing looking down on us. He takes the most natural shots, really candid. I got married in Spiddal and he took some lovely shots outside the church and then back at the Connmeara Coast Hotel down by the seashore. Veil blowing in the wind etc. I would say the whole thing took just over an hour. He is just so nice to deal with. I spoke to him today and he is sending me out the proofs to pick which photos we want for the album and if we want some in black and white etc. Both of my brothers had different photographers for their wedding and they weren't a patch on Michael Dillion. Their photgraphers took forever and the photos were very posed. I would go with Michael Dillon without a doubt. Gal1
ME June 07 Posts: 32
Thanks GaL1 that's exactly what I was looking to hear. We both really like his stuff and he seems really sound so I think I'll talk to him tomorrow
brideeee Posts: 1490
We have Michael booked too, We met with him and went through his stuff, which is really natural and very inpressive. He's a very friendly guy too. Happy planning, xx brideeee
Joleigh Posts: 4242
hi Gal1, What a coincidence! I'm getting married 10th Aug next year and have Michael booked. I loved his work but what you've said has made me even happier! Good luck with the proofs, hope they are what you want!
lil-star Posts: 3149
ohh im so glad!! i booked him last week, and his photos were exactly what we were looking for, youve put my mind at rest girls. Thanks!
MMAB Posts: 589
Hi Gal1, I have pm'd you with a query Thanks
Cloud Nine B2b Posts: 219
We've booked him too, Aug next year too! His sample photos amazing and I think he has beautiful shots regardless of the weather... some of the most beautiful ones were ones where it was cloudy and slightly miserable outside! *)