Any dads 2b on here?

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Dad 2b Posts: 10
Hey.. just wondering if there are any dads on here or if its a mums only domein?.. If not does any one know of any decent sites for us poor male souls.. We have our 1st kid on the way and Im delighted, ecstatic, full of hope for the future, in awe of the whole thing, amazed by my wife.. but in other ways, even though I like a quiet life I reckon I would rather be heading off to war!! If you ladies are not comfortable with having a male amonst you i'll more than gladly - quietly remove myself.. Thanks and best of luck to you all - I think about life, all women (mothers 2b, those trying and those not lucky enough) and my parents in a different light now! I hope things work out for us all here and for those of us that it doesnt or hasnt... We'll all just have to stay positive about the miracle that brought us to this far in the 1st place I suppose.. Thanks again and if there are any dads 2b I'd be interested in chatting.. Dont think id mind heading off to try and Save Private Ryan right now myself!! If you ladies would rather that i not be here please let me know - Best of luck again!
maisedon Posts: 1394
Hi Tuff man and welcome!!! :wv Yes, there are some dads/dads to be on here, but not many - dad in waiting and Anthony Hutton are the only 2 that I can think of...... I think you would be very welcome here as its nice for us ladies to have a mans point of view on things too, so keep on posting!!! :o)ll I know there is also a site for dads which might be good for you to look at too (although I have never been on it!!) Anyway, best of luck with the pregnancy - and welcome once again!!! :)
LoveLife123 Posts: 2138
Welcome Dad2b - as Maseidon said I think there are 2 others aswell but haven't seen them post on here yet so another male is definitely most welcome to P&B. Its great to get a man's perspective during this process and feel free to ask us any questions about any worries or concerns you might have. Also maybe sometimes if your wife's moods are all over the place and you don't know what you've done wrong we might be able to help you out with things to say to her coz the ole hormones are a b*tch and I'd say our poor DH's dunno what is going on half the time - some days we are saner than others :o0 :o0 I've seen that message board aswell but not sure if there are many members on it, there's always plenty of traffic in here anyway for any questions you have - best of luck with the pregnancy journey :stork: :baby3:
katgirl Posts: 1258
you are more than welcome dad2b, congrats on the pregnancy , please feel free to ask any question you like , when is your wife due? you can join in on that partucular months thread if you like and that way you will know how we are all feeling at each stage :wv
babychino Posts: 634
Congrats Dad2b. As other posters have said there are a couple of other Dads on here, & the Mums would only be happy to chat to you. My own hubby is feeling pretty much the same as you at the prospect of becoming a Dad, he finds pretty good, lots of Dads post there & has taken to watching the baby programmes on discovery health!!! Best of luck :wv
wifin Posts: 4761
I know Anthony Hutton hangs out in Mums and Kids a bit if that helps. Welcome tuffman :wv
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Just wanted to say welcome also :wv :wv :wv
mtv Posts: 935
my dh goes onto the dads forum on boards but finds its not updated too often. sometimes he logs on here. the more the merrier
Dad 2b Posts: 10
Thanks Ladies!! I'm sure that i'll be in need of yer advice along the road!!.. And if there are any of you who would like to get a take from the male perspective please feel free to ask!.. Cant promise that i'll be of much help but i'll do my best.. The due date that we have is Oct 31st (rules out the names Damien, Freddy and im sure a few others).. All seems to be going well so far apart from work but I suppose that is the same for alot of people! I might be back on to you all looking for advice if it comes down to having to move or work away from home.. Anyways thanks again!! Best of luck on the road ahead and try not to be too hard on us lads :) !!!