Any doctors getting married?

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Vedalovelo Posts: 164
It's hard to get a straight answer on what's best. I was thinking of keeping my maiden name for work since qualification and medical council have that name. Then taking his name so I'm mrs blah blah for the kids and normal stuff like banks etc. What do people do? Can you do that? Pick and choose what names you want? Ta x
Octbride_2016 Posts: 5
Hi, I'm going to keep my maiden name for professional's too much hassle getting registers etc changed. It'll probably cost an arm and a leg as well! For other stuff I don't mind taking my OHs name.
Sunshine_30 Posts: 89
Registered Nurse but will be doing the same as above, keep name for professional purposes and then will eventually change passport, driving license as things start to expire.
bánybride Posts: 21
Also an RN i will be keeping my reg as my maiden name for work as too much hassel to change..i think its nice to keep my work life separate too...also from what iv seen most docs keep their maiden names
atina Posts: 2240
i changed my name on the nurses reg it was no hassle at all just had to send in a copy of my marriage cert which is pretty much the same as what you have to do with banks etc
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Midwife here and I changed my name for everything - no hassle at all!
Vedalovelo Posts: 164
Thanks guys!!! Go healthcare staff!!! :action31 (I'm imagining a chorus or we're allllll in this together slogging on the night shift) I haven't seen many people change their names so it's encouraging to see it mightn't be such a hassle :)