Any Dunboyne Castle Brides out there?

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prunella09 Posts: 395
Hi We just booked Dunboyne Castle Woohoo. Love to share any tips and tricks with other brides getting married there or who have been recently. :wv
CappuccinoHeaven Posts: 1081
Hey congrats on booking your venue, it's great to have it booked :o)ll I'm not a Dunboyne bride but just wanted to say that I was at a wedding there last year and it was so fantastic, it's such a lovely venue :-8
prunella09 Posts: 395
Good to hear positive feedback! Its hard to imagine what's it going to be like as I've never been to a wedding there... but pleased so far so fingers crossed. url=] [img:uw10nvaf];14;23/st/20090221/e/OurBig+Day+Out/dt/5/k/8091/event.png[/img:uw10nvaf][/code][/url]
Chocoholic1 Posts: 164
Yep...fellow Dunboyne bride here! Haven't been to a wedding there but we went to view our band there and the room looked fab at night time!
Liz2009 Posts: 14
Hi, :wv I am also a Dunboyne Castle Bride. We are getting married in Sept 2009. I can't wait :o)ll We went to see a band there a few weeks ago and the room looked lovely. They seem to have a fairy light backdrop where the band are set-up it looks really well. The tables had a vase with lilies and a mirror centrepiece with tea light candles. Very nice.
Gingham Posts: 3014 a phonecall today saying dunboyne castle are now doing chair covers..anyone going to go with them
Chocoholic1 Posts: 164
Hey Smileyb2b! How are your plans coming along...? How much are Dunboyne charging for the chair covers? The cheapest I got quoted was €3.50 from some girl that does them..? Did you see the grounds for the pictures when you were there? We didn't but I seen a sample wedding video that was in Dunboyne. The couple were getting pictures taken in an area with a really old wall like a castle ruins and we were wondering is that actually on the grounds of the hotel...???
Gingham Posts: 3014
hey chocoholic, yeah those ruins are on the grounds of the should go out and take a stroll around, the grounds are really nice. they are charging 5 euro per person for the chair covers with sash...i think its abit expensive..what do you think
Chocoholic1 Posts: 164
yeah that is a bit expensive...always thought hotels were a good bit cheaper than normal suppliers for things like that?? The chair covers I got a quote for weren't really good quality ones though. Maybe the hotel have the heavier quality covers..? If so I would probably consider them....? What do you think?
prunella09 Posts: 395
Hi Ladies. I wasn't going to go for chair covers at all. When we went to see the room it was set-up for a wedding without them and the chairs looked in perfect condition. But let me know if get a better price maybe I'll chnage my mind :) Are you having a choice on the menu? We are really tempted to go for no choice with the silent option and get the fillet of beef. But I'm still not sure that people won't want a choice. What do you think? Pru..