Any Dunmore House Hotel Brides 2011

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murph2b2 Posts: 24
Hi there Just wondering if there are any Dunmore House Hotel Brides in 2011. How are preparations going? Murph
corkie11 Posts: 18
Hi Murph, Our weddings booked for November in Dunmore. Haven't done much with hotel to date, rooms are reserved, deposit paid etc. Love Dunmore been to so many weddings there and each one has been better than the other. Excitment is begining to kick in, looking for bridesmaid dresses at the moment. How're your plans coming along?
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Hi Girls, I'm not having my wedding in Dunmore but I just wanted to say that I think it is beautiful!!!! We stayed there a few times. The deck is fab!
seabride11 Posts: 231
Hi Murph I'm a dunmore bride this Summer , can't wait love location . Dealing with Anne-Marie she's fab, long list of to do left. when's your wedding -best of luck with all the plans