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lisaby Posts: 138
Hey Girls, I am doing my own wedding make-up and I am looking for tips on my eye make-up. In particular eyeshadow, I usually just apply one colour to the whole of my lid so a clue as to what I meant to do would be fantastic!
MoreThanMakeup Posts: 516
Hi Lisaby, It would be a good idea to use two shades at least. One pale shade on the lid and to highlight under the brow bone (Mac Vanilla pressed shadow is good) and another a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone to add definition to the crease and to line the lashes too (Mac Kid is nice and/or Mac Charcoal Brown if you want to glam it up or just add a little more definition). You should also invest in some good brushes too. If you were only buying three I would suggest the Mac 217 brush for applying the lighter shade and for highlighting, the Mac Pencil Brush (think it's the 210 - the number is worn off mine :eek ) for defining the crease and smudging some around the lashline and the Mac 266 Angled Eyeliner brush for a more defined lash line and also for defining the brows. I could go on and on but if there is anything specific you need to know send me a pm. If you are in town in the next while go into Mac or Bobbi Brown if you can and they would be quite happy to show you something I'm sure. Also, Youtube has alot of bridal videos which might be helpful too. Best wishes with it and if you need help let me know :wv Breda 'More Than Make-up'
yankiecandle Posts: 2888
this is pretty much what i do too, looks fab in pics, but practice & practice. i use a lovely colour estee lauder eyeshaddow called smokey. is really nice!
Malvina Barrett Posts: 241
Hi Lisaby You should treat yourself to a makeup lesson, take a look for a makeup artist in your area in the supplier directory. You will learn exactly what will suit you as an individual and how to make the most of your best features. This way you can go home and practice what you have learned for the big day! Best of luck!