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featherrocket Posts: 233
So here we are finally, we decided to have our wedding here in Ireland and a reception later in the year (2013) in the US for my family. So now its decision time, we are stuck between 3 choices The Imperial Hotel, Springfort Hall, and the Oriel House Hotel. Does any one have any opinions, likes, dislikes, things to look out for regarding these three? We set a provisional date for all three, but have been put under pressure from the Imperial to make a decision only after 1 wk. The manager who seems nice enough was insisting on another bride insisting on the day that we set now I have to make a quick decision (NOT LIKING THE ADDED PRESSURE) which by the why I haven't had that with any other hotel. To give you back ground, I really like the Springfort Hall. Its a little on the pricey side for us, its close to us (we live in Ballyhooly), love the ballroom they have, but the rest just cant compare to the luxury of the hotel. It would be secluded and we would have the house pretty much to ourselves. We have heard great things about the food, but I have never been. Oriel House keeps growing on me, for whatever reason. I was there again yesterday, the only venue I went to twice. I feel like they are really willing to work with us, but am afraid that only 100 ppl would be swallowed up in the big function room. I haven't seen the bridal suite or what the place will look like, but am happy they are willing to show me a mock set up during the wk. They do have a smaller function room that would be really nice too has anyone used it? My H2B lit up like a tree when we walked into the ballroom on the Imperial. It screams elegance and the penthouse its top notch!! I love all the complimentary things especially the rooms for the parents, (only other to offer this is the Oriel). I'm not sure where the drinks reception will take place (in the hall or what). Parking will be an issue for people, but I'm set on not worrying about that aspect of it. The food is ok, we had a comp dinner and I wasn't really blown away but I could have been if we hadnt gotten our wires crossed and had eaten earlier. Ok so I'll stop rambling, thoughts, suggestions, advice? GREAT SEND IT OUR WAY :)
lulu126 Posts: 1095
Featherrocket, I LOVED springfort hall. It was our second choice but decided it was too far for h2b's family to be travelling (from Drogheda). It's such a stunning venue and the setting is just beautiful. We looked round it on a hot sunny day and it was amazing. The packages are pretty comprehensive too and include so much so I think if you went with one of the packages, you really wouldn't need to spend much else? Sorry this probably isn't much help (especially since I haven't seen the other 2 venues!) but I just thought Springfort Hall was such a lovely place!