Any fellow Ritz-Carlton Brides?

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Champagne Sorbet Posts: 219
Hi girls as the title says, any fellow Ritz-Carlton brides? Getting married in August and was at an amazing wedding at the weekend and reality has sunk in now as to how scarily close our wedding is. Wondering when we should start the haggling for the corkage etc!
mpn123 Posts: 3
Hi, I'm getting married at the Ritz next year! Im so excited!!! I thought that it was going to be out of our price range but it was so much more reasonable than I could have expected! I can't believe I am getting married at a ritz-carlton! I just felt wow as soon as I walked in and we have an actual wedding planner who is so far amazing. I'm hearing such great things about her from wedding people like photographers as well. I;m not doing corkage I don't think so not sure about the haggling stuff. Can you do that? I really didn't need to get into much of that to be honest. Love to hear from any other brides getting married at the ritz. Any feedback??? Thanks! :wv
AidB Posts: 3
Hey girls - I'm dealing with The Ritz at the moment and they are amazing to deal with - they reply back to all my queries ASAP and nothing is a problem at all to deal with. I must say for a 5 star hotel they are very resaonable and although there are Terms & Conditions I wouldnt change my venue for all the tea in China... :heartbeat: O:o) :o)ll I am so excited
Bluelagoon Posts: 650
I enquired about this venue and they refused to budge on the 30 rooms and also they took at least a week to come back to any email I had so I have ruled this venue out. It looks amazing though and Wicklow is such a lovely scenic area - enjoy ladies
AidB Posts: 3
:ooh Genuinely I am really surprised as the girls there are so eager to get you in to see the Hotel and even sent me costs that I might have forgotten about...... :eek The 30 rooms is one of the T&C's but thats 30 rooms over a number of nights so I know my family are taking 5 rooms and bridal party of 2 best men and 2 bridesmaids is another 4 rooms leaving only 21 rooms over the weekend and some of my guests will stay for 2 nights so thats only 10 rooms for my guests x 2 nights really. so it is do-able. Sorry you didnt experience the fast reply as I was really surprised when they replied so fast. What a pity but thanks for your post....x
irishbride2011 Posts: 2
Hi! :wv I'm new to this site and hoped to find some ritz brides on here. I have confirmed my wedding with the hotel for next year, so excited! Was a bit disheartended though to read your bad experience about people not getting back to you (bluelagoon). I have to say my experience has been amazing with the girl i've been dealing with and i've spoken to a few people who had weddings there this year and they were blown away. I hope that the experience I have had so far continues. I understnad your concern about the room commitment cuz that was the thing I was most worried about aswell but after actually sitting down and thinking about it and writing a list of people I know will stay I actually think i will need way more. AidB did they say anything to you about what happens if you need more rooms than you signed up for? The girl who was looking after me told me that we could have more rooms if we needed them and that they would let them have our wedding beedroom price as long as they had the availability in the Hotel. I'm just a bit worried that we might not get the extra rooms as I think my friends will wait until late to book. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had there wedding in the Hotel already and how it went???!!! :)
bridey135 Posts: 66
Just Pm's you irishbride2011 :o)ll
irishbride2011 Posts: 2
Really sorry bridey135 - for some reason the PM isn't working for me, I tried emailing the weddingsonline people but they weren't able to help so will have to stick to the regular posting. Can you post on here for me? SOrry O:| Met a girl who got married with the Ritz this summer who said they're inviting all their bride and grooms back on their first aniversary for dinner and an overnight! I know it's ages away but such a lovely touch. AidB I totally agree about the fast response. My planner has been great so far. They might be sticking to their guns on their rates and room requirement but have to admit that its worth it, for me anyway. I popped in last weekend to have lunch and the place was packed. Wantred to show my cousin the rooms but none available, the ballroom was off bounds and the lounge area has no table for lunch! Obviosuly bummed about having to wait for lunch but great to see a hotel so busy. Fingers crossed it stays that way!