Any fitness trainers or fitness mad people who can help me??

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sandy13 Posts: 939
Hi guy's, i need your help on this if any of you are fitness trainers or know a lot about workouts i could do with a list of things you start with, here is what i need it for, iv been a keen kickboxer for 7/8 years but gave it up last year when i broke my big toe i was ment to go back but just have got to lasy, anyway in or town a boxing club just opened and they asked me to be a girl coach so thats what im doing, it opened last night and there was good turn out, one of the lads coaches done our workout with us last night and that was grand but its up to me from 2moro night on because were in another room to the boys just untill we get going and im just stuck on how to start a workout iv no problem on the boxing side of it i know what to do its just iv never had to stand up and teach a class before and i dont want to make an ass out of myself because id know everyone doing it. so if any of you guys can help me id be very greatfull. Thanks Sandy
Mrs NoDateYet Posts: 288
I'm not in the fitness mad category but what about a gentle warm up if its girls youre training I'm sure they wouldn't mind something aerobics style and then onto light stretching and onto all the mad boxing stuff followed by a gentle cool down and stretching. You'd know better than me on the stretches required for different muscle groups. Or what about skipping as a warmup?
sandy13 Posts: 939
38 views and only 1 reply come on wolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peggy Sue Posts: 638
Hi sandy you will need to get the class warmed up before you start for about 5 minutes.. I suggest marching/jogging on the spot, punching into the air with arms, puch and twist. Jogging round the room - changing direction. Followed by stretching of the major muscle groups holing each streatch for about 12-15 seconds. (pm me if you need more detail) after you have completed your boxing session conclude with more stretching of the muscles holding for 30 seconds. Hope this helps