Any good maternity shops in NYC?

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glowgal Posts: 949
Hey Ladies Im getting to the point now where I need to get some maternity wear and seeing as Im going to New York this weekend I thought maybe there are some good shops there, does anyone know of anywhere good? Thanks! :wv
spinning jinny Posts: 425
Firstly, lucky you heading off to NYC - what I would give!! There is a maternity section in Macy's and just off it there is a denim dept. I got a lovely 7 denim skirt the last time I was over, I never took it off me. It had the over the bump strechy material and it was so comfortable. I also got 7 jeans. They are a bit expensive but I got so much wear out of them both and will be using them again this time round. Get the visitor discount card and that'll cut out some of the cost. Other than that there was very little Maternity that I came accross. I'd say try the some of the dept stores like Lord and Taylor or Bloomingdales. Have a brilliant time!!
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
I got practically all my maternity clothes in USA. I tried the Dept Stores but to be honest, the best clothes I got were actually from Target (the drug store) The Liz Lange stuff in particular has been great.
olba anon Posts: 50
Pea and the Pod is in Macy's- well worth a look. They have a good mix of basics (Jeans, T- shirts etc) and some nice dressy bits too. I also thought the H&M and Gap maternity sections were much better in the states than over here. Happy Shopping :o)ll
glowgal Posts: 949
Thanks everyone, thats great, gives me a few places to look in! :wv
CaliMom Posts: 670
Pea in the Pod is a fab store... they make you feel like a rockstar =) they have 2 major price-points so you can get lovely designer stuff as well as good quality cheaper items (Motherhood is the less expensive label)... when I lived in NYC their flagship store was on Madison and 57th but according to Google that store is closed... I think it's called "Destination Maternity" now which, according to their website, stocks both Motherhood and a Pea in the Pod... Enjoy the trip!