Any good wedding-y shops in New York??

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bridie08 Posts: 94
Hi girls Has anyone been to any good wedding shops in New York? Am going over next weekend so hoping to have a look at bridesmaid dresses, invitations, favours etc etc (but not brides' dresses as I'm kind of decided on one here and don't want to confuse myself by looking at any more!!). I'm thinking there must be a super size version of Lantz/daintree somewhere there. Thanks ladies bridie08
sorchabride Posts: 163
RK Bridal's shop is there. You go there in the morning, and put your name down for a time-slot to try on a dress - so if you're the same size as your bridesmaids you could try them on. Good chance to see what the colours are like, if you've seen the dress on the web. Can't remember the address - in teh fashion district, and would be on their website. They also sold tiaras and some other bits & pieces.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Kate's for stationary - although it's quite expensive. There are a few locations around the city. Wedding Things has a store on Third Avenue it's got some lovely bits and pieces. We got bride and groom ducks for the restroons there.
bridie08 Posts: 94
Thanks a million girls- that's brilliant! I'll be like a lunatic running around to them all !
marzo08 Posts: 114
Just on the stationery - maybe others could advise you, but remember that the standard paper size for the US is Letter and here it's A4, so you could have problems getting envelopes etc to match. obviously, documents, templates, printers etc can be set for Letter, but I would say you should get everything together if it's in the US. Going to NY next week myself also to get the guna and very excited!
bridie08 Posts: 94
that's a good point actually - I never thought of that! Hoping to get the invitations from the states at a later point - they seem to be a lot cheaper there. Am lucky to have 2 brilliant sisters-in-law-to-be who travel over regularly and are a great help with all that kind of stuff. Best of luck with the gùna!!! The saving you make will pay for all the extra shopping over there. Abercrombie here we come!! PS Was just checking out the original Elephant & Castle - it's on Greenwich ave. Am drooling on my desk thinking about it - am in love with the temple bar one so it'll be our first stop next weekend :o)ll
marzo08 Posts: 114
[quote="bridie08":cxv5geeu] ......Abercrombie here we come!!.... [/quote:cxv5geeu] Absolutely!!! :o)ll :o0