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Spacehopper Posts: 136
Girls Im wondering if anyone can help. I have been suffering for quite a while with an upset and bloated tummy. I recently got a colonoscopy done and was told it was clear so they put it down to irritable bowel syndrome. Since I had the test done the pains are much more frequent. Its mainly my left side thats sore. Its not a pain as such its more of a darting pain that would make me jump?? Am I making any sense? Plenty of foods agrivate it but Im eliminating them and still left with the pain. Somtimes the pain would go up into my boob?? Should I go back to the doctor? Im sick of being fobbed off but dont want to sound like a hyprocondriac(sp) either!
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Couldn't read and not reply. I never got a colonoscopy but am the queen of colposcopys. Is there a colonoscopy office or nurse that you can ring with your questions? Did you get a leaflet after the procedure telling you what was and wasn't normal? There's an office and a nurse that I can ring with any questions and they put your mind at ease.
Essence2009 Posts: 44
Did they prescribe you anything for the IBS??
MyMcDreamy Posts: 169
Appendix perhaps???
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Appendix is right hand side so don't worry about that. I have IBS and it has never taken that form - but everyone could be different. For me, I get pain on both sides of my stomach - together if you know what I mean. I also sometimes am constipated and other times have diahorrea - does this ever happen. I would go back to doctor - I know what you mean about not feeling like hypocondriac or you're a nuisance. But you can't live with that pain. IBS for me rarely has darting pain and always is in my stomach area. You could also try keeping a food diary to see does it ever get aggravated after drinking or eating certain things. Write down everything you eat and a little note at the end - no pain today, bad pain today, etc. I also gave up caffine completely - very hard - and started drinking peppermint tea as a replacement.
MyMcDreamy Posts: 169
you can also have a rumbling/rambling appendix which is what i had for a long time before it burst so its not confined to the right side. my trouble with appendicitis started with chest pains for long periods of time, which would then move to my lower abdomen and groin area and be fairly persistant. my operation scar is literally in the centre of my abdomen, pretty near the groin area. thing with appendix is that its often hard to diagnose and is usually diagnosed just as its about to burst/erupt. its excurciating aswell, so i hope you dont have it!
Spacehopper Posts: 136
no i dont think its my apendix because i have all the IBS symptoms. Im going between constipation and diahorrea all the time. ive been eliminating lots of food but i still have such a burning stomach. Im getting married in 4 weeks and was hoping to get it all sorted by then. I wasnt given medication for the IBS? I have spasmonal for the toilet problem but nothing for my stomach itself. Should I have something?
frecklz Posts: 1839
The symptoms you're describing is exactly what my brother had, and he was diagnosed with IBS. He didn't take any medication, but simply changed his diet and he's fine now.