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jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
i always knew i was having a girl, i could just feel it. all the old wives tales (weight/way i was carrying ect) said boy but i just knew. we found out and i was right, but it was fun listening to everyone guess tho :o0
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
old wives tales all pretty much point to girl and i think girl but others think boy! Am struggling with finding out or not finding out the s8x next week at my big scan please god
mariac Posts: 982
i heard to conceive at the end of ovulation may be a girl as the boy sperms swim faster, the girls are slower swimming sperm but live longer so if you ovulate after having sex - chances are the boy sperms are dead and there may be some girl swimmers around - sorry not sure how to explain this any better
sinion Posts: 6050
see after dwelling on it i'm now thinking again that it's a boy. Well one way or the other, i'm 100% sure it will be either a boy or a girl... :o0