Any July 09 Brides???

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scallywag Posts: 18
HI, Im getin married on the 25th of july 2009!! Anyone else??? :wv
tweetie Posts: 56
We are getting wed on 4th July 09 and can't wait, only just booked so lots to do! :o)ll
scallywag Posts: 18
Cool, congrats.. We have everything booked. Just have to get my dress now, so excited :wv
Julywedding09 Posts: 81
:wv Hi we're wedding twins :o0 :o0 i'm also getting married 25th July soooooo excited :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
oct112010 Posts: 91
hi, I'm getting married on the 17th July, have a few things booked but still have more to do, the time is just flying by
treefern Posts: 63
Hi, we're getting married on 2nd July, can't believe how fast the time is going already!
delete Posts: 56
early days Posts: 691
Hi Girls, I'm July 11th, have everything booked I think! Dress due to arrive any day, invitations arrived on Tuesday, shoes due in tomorrow....In college part time from Sept-May so between that and working full-time, there wont be much time for wedding organising, trying to get it all sorted before college starts back. Cant believe how fast the time is going since we got engaged :ooh
kelsar Posts: 690
hi Im the 30th July 09. Have everything booked, just have to start paying it off :o0 :o0 . Cant believe how quick the time is going by. Only 17 weeks til xmas and then its only 7 months. :ooh
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
We're the 9th of July! Don't have very much done at all! Have priest booked but not the church! Have hotel booked. Have photographer booked! Have hair and make up booked! N nearly have the band booked! H2b is supposed to be doing that but I must remember to hound him about it tomorrow! Had planned on having my dress and bridesmaids dresses by now as well but baby put a stop to that! I've also been looking at invites as well for the last few days! Want to make a decision on this soon as in another few weeks I'll be up to my neck in nappies n am also in college part time! Ah well it'll all come together on the day!