Any left over hen bits

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yummymumm Posts: 824
Im on the borrow.... Has anyone got any banners or willy straws, or balloons etc, that they didt use or kept from their hen? *) *) *) *) *) *)
Sparkymark Posts: 25
Ahh no, you wouldnt believe it, but I had TONNES of stuff left over from my sister's hen ( I was bridesmaid) but I binned everything only last week after a big clear out. DAMN. So sorry, great idea though cause there was so much stuff left over and it was all pricey to buy. I bet you'll get lots of people offering their bits n pieces....sorry again!
yummymumm Posts: 824
Aw thats a pity, thanks for replying anyway. Just thought I'd chance it, cos it is expensive for what it is.
McLisa Posts: 1815
did you try places like euro shop/pound shop or ebay?? might get some bride having a clear out on ebay? i know its not free but maybe a bit cheaper than buying in party shops
yummymumm Posts: 824
Going to go to the euro shop this week, don't have time for ebay, but had been looking and only online shops selling stuff as with most things on ebay these days. I will be buying stuff anyway, just thought I could help someone with a clear out and put the money towards something else :thnk
Jawl Posts: 8881
They are dirt cheap in 2 euro shops and the like.