Any Marlfield House brides?

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Dervsy Posts: 11
Would love to swap ideas and chat to any other MH or Wexford brides. I'm getting married in July 2017 so it's time to get organising.
[email protected] Posts: 23
Hi - I'm not a bride - so I hope you don't mind the post - but if you are interested in having piano music or Irish traditional music at the ceremony or drinks reception, check out As I'm based in Wexford, I offer special rates for all Wexford weddings. thanks Declan
Dervsy Posts: 11
Hi Declan, I'm actually looking for a musician to play at our blessing. I'm not sure if this is up your street; a few of our friends are great singers so they're going to sing for us, but I need a musician to play along with them. If you're interested we can talk more.
[email protected] Posts: 23
Hi, yes that is up my street - in fact playing piano for others to sing is one of my specialities. I run events that do exactly this on a regular bases (check out forgesessions/ on Facebook). I can read music (classically trained) but my best ability is to 'play by ear' (instantly play any song I have ever heard) which enables virtually any song request to be met and enables me to support other singers and instantly adjust to what they are singing, even if this differs from the original version of a song. This ability to play by ear has been featured in interviews and performances several times on the BBC, George Hook Show (Newstalk Radio) and South East Radio. Can you contact me via my suppliers listing page and let me know if you have an exact date yet, so I can check my availability? many thanks Dec
Dervsy Posts: 11
Hi Declan, I'm just getting back to this now and sorting out the finer details. We're getting married in Marlfield House on 14th July. I need a musician for the service which is in the hotel at 3pm. We've got 3 friends who are going to sing for us. Is this something you would do if you're available please? And what sort of price would it be? Thanks D
summer18 Posts: 1
Hi everyone, I'm also wondering if there are any Marlfield House brides out there. Our guest list is at the upper level of 140, so I was wondering if it is quite cramped at full capacity? How did everyone find it as a venue?