any mechanics or hubbies who are,opinion needed

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dellyb1 Posts: 2489
hey girls quick question if the coolant tank kept cracking in ur car what would u/hubbie think is the problem (bmw 318ci 00) hubbie about to replace the part for 2nd time in a year after "sealing" it 3 times in last 2 mths mechanic now "guessing" its the radiator hubbie is googling and reading about head gasket etc so wondering before he spends 400 on radiator which might not be answer then find it is the head gasket (would prob scrap car then as not worth it) any suggestions would appreciate it :wv
MikeBurkePhotography Posts: 286
hi delly, my name is tadhg, im mikes son, im a near fully qualified mechanic, i have done quite a bit of work on both new and old bmw's regarding the cooling systems and head gaskets, the bmw's have a tendancy to suffer from cooling problems, these include raditor hoses, thermostats, thremostat housings cracking and the dreaded head gaskets,block tester can test head gasket failure, i have access to one, so id your based in dublin and can make your way over to me (as i am not driving at the mo) id be able to have a look at it and hopefully diagnose the problem for you. if this helps feel free to ring me anytime after 6 0851313515
dellyb1 Posts: 2489
Tks a mil tadgh and mike for the offer we are in Limerick don't think the car will make it to Dublin:) I will mention to my husband to try get that test done before replacing radiator and then finding that's not the problem tks again
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
IF its the head gasket that is leaking then it CAN cause back pressure in the coolant tank and cracking it. Are there bubbles coming up in the tank when the engine is running and the cap is off? Is the underside of the oil filler cap covered in a milky type substance? Very hard to say whats wrong from a distance though!
dellyb1 Posts: 2489
ah tks a mil ur very good, ill pass that onto hubbie
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
There is a BMW breaker in Limerick Ben O Brien he might have the spare parts you need if it is the rad etc, pm me if you want the number.
dellyb1 Posts: 2489
Tks mrsbmw pm u now!