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BigSmiles Posts: 92
Hi girls, I was just wondering what your experiences were going private/semi private/public in CUMH? I got an appointment with Dr Dan McKenna (I think thats his name) but not until May. The cost will be €3,200. Myself and DH are just wondering if it's worth it when we may not even get a private room or have that doc at the birth. A bit confused. It's so much money we could spend on the baby instead. Would have no issue paying the 1k or thereabouts for semi private but what is the difference between semi private and public? Just the type of room? Any feedback would be great. Oh I have VHI Plan B if that makes any odds. I sound so clueless...Thanks :thnk
neeov Posts: 4256
There is no semi private in Cork, its private or public. I am going private and I am happy with the level of care. I got extra tests when I had some problems. I feel like the consultant is responsible for my care. I like the continuity of care. I get a scan every visit, this is very very reassuring. As I get further into my pregnancy I appreciate having a good relationship with my consultant. I am also liking the short waiting times, I can't sit still for more than about 20 mins or my hips hurt, so it good to be in a nice waiting room for a short period of time only. I am hoping to get a private room for after baby is born, keeping my fingers crossed. There are mixed reports about public in CUMH. I am not sure if this si because people have genuinely different experiences or if they have different expectations. My expectations are very igh, and thats why I went for private. Check out the comments here
BigSmiles Posts: 92
Thanks a million neeov. Kind of scared after reading some of the comments but I'll hope for the best. DH was talking to our gp about it so we've decided to go private since it's our first *) I love the idea of having regular scans too - very reassuring. Glad to hear everything is going well for you so far, I hope it continues like this. Best of luck with everything and thank you so much again :thnk
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
We are going private as well with Dr. McKenna. We were weighing up the possible options before hand, and the way it was put to us by one person, it's not private room you are paying for, and that there will always be a doctor at your birth, it's the care throughout your pregnancy that you are paying for. There are some issues in my medical history that I would be worried about, so thats why I decided to go private. I would much prefer to have someone monitoring it the entire pregnancy.
kala Posts: 1937
i went public purely cos i couldn't get private but i can't complain about the care i got. i had a complicated pregnancy right from the start with bleeding and was monitored very carefully through the whole pregnancy. got a scan at every visit and any time i was worried about something ie slowed movement , bad stomach pains from heartburn i was told to come into the emergency and was checked out. i had a regular scan, went into labour myself a week early and ended up having emergency c section and the care was absolutely brilliant. could have had nicer staff look after me for the time i was in there. wolud def go public again in the morning. money wasn't the issue here. go private by all means but i just wanted to say for a person who wanted to go private i couldn't fault the care i got going pubic. i can't speak for others but this was my experience.
princess! Posts: 348
i am going private with dr anna ayra and she is fantastic the extra care and attention you get is worth it and i second the post about the waiting times i saw the midwife, consultant and got my scan done on my last visit all within 45mins fantastic my dh was delighted it didnt look too bad for him only having to take a little bit of time off work.