Any Newpark Kilkenny Brides???

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kkb2b Posts: 166
Hi there I am just wondering if any of you wollies are Newpark brides??? I am hoping to meet with the hotel soon to go through a few things, get them down on price etc - Cheers :wv
dancingqueen09 Posts: 42
Hi Yep i am getting married in Newpark this year, The renovated ballroom is lovely. Cant wait.
nohbe Posts: 253
i'm a Newpark bride as well, we're getting married next April. I love it since they've done it up and anyone that i've been talking to in the hotel so far has been so helpful.
mummyofone Posts: 130
Me too, I am a Newpark bride - meeting next week to go over a few things.
dancingqueen09 Posts: 42
Anyone gone back to do any bargaining with Newpark?