Any nice bags out there?

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MrsWorldcupbride Posts: 268
My lovely H2B has said that he'll buy me a nice handbag as a wedding present............. any ideas on what I could get?????? I haven't a clue, just know that I want something with plenty of room in it!
hairdye Posts: 1129
What a fab pressie! And to answer your question, yes there are loads of fab bags out there! Saw gorgeous ones in BTs yesterday. DKNY have some lovely ones, especially their cream ones, they are so gorgeous, perfect for summer and would be perfect for swanning around the week of your wedding and looking glam! Arnotts also had some lovely bags too. It really depends on your budget, if the budget stretches to a little more I would definitely get either a Furla/Miu Miu/Prada/Gucci/Marc Jacobs Handbag. These really are investment pieces and hold their value pretty well. Get a black or tan or cream one, always classic looking, never go out of fashion and you will have it for years. Have you considered holding off getting it until your honeymoon? Depends on where your going but you could get a fab one abroad for way cheaper, this is what Im going to do. Happy hunting!
MrsWorldcupbride Posts: 268
Thank you so much for your reply!!!! I haven't asked him about my budget yet but I'm going shopping next sunday and see where the credit card takes me!! We're not going on honeymoon as we have 2 small kids so I'll have to make do!! Thanks again!
hattiedee Posts: 358
I'd go for a good quality leather bag, no brand in particular! It will last you for years and they always tend to look better with ages! I got a lovely leather 'satchel' or kind of 'old school bag'-type bag in Hobbs last year and still love it! It cost €150 and has no big label on it which I like. Will have it for a lifetime! The most important thing is that you love it so much it's your favourite thing it your wardrobe and makes you feel great! And if it's Mulberry or Marc Jacobs all the better!!! Happy shopping :)
Kaycee Posts: 2107
try bts being the obvious one, have a look on net-a-porter to get some inspiration. mid range i love angel jackson have 3 of their bags, think you can get them in arnotts aswell
MamaFratelli Posts: 157
I love Fiorelli bags and they don't cost an arm and a leg. Love this one... Just got myself this one recently....