Any nice gold sandals about with a small heel?

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curlywurly Posts: 158
Anybody see any nice gold Sandals about with a small heel? I am finding it near impossible to find shoes with a small heel. I would go anywhere to find the right pair for my wedding. I also have a broad foot so cant be doing with any of those real pointy ones. Thanks
Nicirl Posts: 269
Hey curlywurly, I seen stunning ones, they were gold, small here with dimonte's on them, really really pretty and in Dunnes for 25euro, i seen them last saturday and they had a good few pairs in.
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
My sister got a gorgeous pair in Faith a few months back, not sure if they'd still have them though. They were gold with a nice gold heel and little diamontes. They were €80 though. The ones Nicirl mentioned above are actually really nice, I saw them the other day. Nice price too! :wv
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
I'm pretty sure I saw some in M&S a few weeks ago.
curlywurly Posts: 158
Thanks Girls There is none like you mentioned in my local Dunnes so i might need to go to a bigger one!
Senorita Posts: 3413
I saw some in Faith earlier on today. HTH
Nicirl Posts: 269
Hey curlywurly They have them in Dunnes in Donaghmede, i work in town so if you want i'll check the dunnes in henry st and stephens green when im up that way.
curlywurly Posts: 158
Unfortunately i am not in Dublin. Dont worry, will check a few other Dunnes over the weekend I think the ones in Faith are really high - i could be wrong here but i have only seen really high heeled ones here!
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Im always on the look out for low heel shoes, I really cant wear the high ones, recently i bought 2 of the same pair in different colours cos i can practically never find the tiny tiny heels so when i do i BUY buy buy anyway i was so fed up trying to find a super low heel in sandals that i bought a lowish pair i liked, brought them into work and cut the heels down with band saw, dremmel and junior hack saw and then i brought them to the cobbler to put the heel on!! good luck finding your low heels :wv
flittychick Posts: 14
Hi, I would try any of the Clarks stores, I got a pair there for my wedding, it was a few years ago now but worth a look, they were so comfy, I wore them all day long and still wear them!