Any nice resturants near stillorgan park hotel

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blossimhill Posts: 400
Hi girls am heading to bruce springsteen on the 12 th july :o)ll :o)ll and am making a weekend out of it :-8 :-8 My self and DH dont get a chance to get away as he works all week and i work weekends :o( :o( and have 2 young DS, we are staying in the stillorgan park hotel and would love to go to a fancy retrurant on the sat night of if anyone has any ideas i would love to hear them, :xox :xox Thanks in advance :thnk
quartz Posts: 446
Beaufield Mews and Indian Summer in Stillorgan, you could stroll to either of these restaurants. But you could just jump on a bus across the road from the hotel and be in Stephen's Green in 20 mins. The bus service is excellent along this route. If you've any questions feel free to ask me. :thnk
windycity Posts: 2241
Jewel in the Crown - best Indian in Dublin I think. in Balls bridge. Or Gong in Stillorgan
quartz Posts: 446
[quote:20ue9fyk]Jewel in the Crown - best Indian in Dublin I think. in Balls bridge. [/quote:20ue9fyk] Second that, except for the nasty decor and that white trolley they wheel the food out on. H2B would go there every time we go out and his parents are Indian so he knows his Indian food. Also recommend Baan Thai in Ballsbridge. Great food plus a few pubs round there for drinks before and after.
FirstTimeDad Posts: 79
Alexis in Dun Laoghaire, quite simply for the money, the best (european) restaurant in Dublin by a long way... 10-15 minutes by cab. Fantastic seasonal food, excellent service, the room isn't the best, but food more than makes up for it!
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Monkstown would be about 10 mins in a cab... lots of restaurants to choose from. Valparasio is excellent - new head Chef & have been hearing fantastic things - head for a few drinks in Goggins first. You also have Seapoint, Taste, FXB's & Siam Thai.