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serenity Posts: 3675
Hi girls, I am getting this as a gift for my friend who is due now very soon and wanted to get her something really nice and colourful but with lots of space etc... I have been looking in some of the shops but haven't seen anything I like for her... Her buggy is grey & black (bugaboo) not that it really matters... Any good websites or shops you have seen that sell nice / practical ones would be great. Thanks a mill xx
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hey serenity, I'm sure you've checked out the very stylish ones in M&P that go with some of the Pliko buggy's (but they are very pricey). I'd be interested to find these too, but I don't believe in paying €80 for a matching changing bag, for my buggy and car seat! ;-) sue
serenity Posts: 3675
Psycho Sue, Yes to be honest, I was going to pay around €50 -€70 for her but really that's my maximum on it... For myself... well I had looked at the gorgeous polka dot one in M&P's - but holy cow - tis €118.00 - I nearly passed out...... I don't know what one I myself will get but maybe if somebody can point us in the right direction we will get a nice one for a lot less!!! Maybe I could get discount if I buy 2!! :o0 :o0 :o0 Wishful thinking!!
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
eurobaby out on longmile road have a good selection out there :wv
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Or if you could get mine too, a further discount for 3 !!!! hee-hee. [url:e9vi75jg][/url:e9vi75jg] some of these do acutally look nice. I'm just having a quick scout around the web, and a lot of them appear to be over €100! You must have been looking at the same ones in M&P as I was (in pokadot)! I really like this one: [url:e9vi75jg][/url:e9vi75jg] I like this one too, but didn't even open it to see whats included inside compartment wise(if any) they do have some other nice ones![url:e9vi75jg][/url:e9vi75jg] sue
serenity Posts: 3675
Thanks ever hopeful - have actually never been in that shop - may have to take a trip out to see it!!!!! Some of the bags are lovely and colourful!! Yes Psycho Sue - it was the exact same in polka dot - but it's just too expensive (maybe!) - and also, I am not sure that the handles would fit over the bugaboo (this is for me now rather than my friend) handlebars if you know what I mean... as it's more a handbag shape handles!!! Not sure if I am making sense... :o0 :o0 But yes, LOVE them M&P's ones!! They are lovely...!!!! Are you going to put a deposit on the pram - the same design as the bag??
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Yeah, I think so! I just love the design, but I wasn't paying the non sale price for the same buggy as they had in the Couture Brown just to have the nicer colour. Not sure how improtant the buggy liner is tho, it was included in the bumps and babies price that I saw up north on Friday, but its €50 extra in M&P. I thought it was included in M&P package, but it aint.... Have lots of decisions to make in the next few days, as I think I'll be going to Newry on sunday, and if I don't put the deposit down in Blanch, then I'll do it in Newry on Sunday! Might even splash out on the bag, after all, i'll be using it for a year or two!!! (if its practical enough mind)oooh exciting times....... :o)ll :o)ll If I find any other nice bags, I'll post up the links. Not in the mood to work today >:o) ! sue
serenity Posts: 3675
Ah okay - so there is that €50 difference too... Hmmm... Newry might be back on again so!!!! Keep us posted... That's what I was saying to my mam about the Polka Dot one - it's an investment!! But I really don't think it will fit over the Bugaboo handlebars!!! It's too narrow - I really need the straps that go from side to side on a more rectangular bag if you know what I mean!!!! Oh yeah, keep me posted... I am so over work today - really don't want to be here... xxx
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Have you tried ? That's where I got mine...really stylish bags, really trendy imo.
i want one Posts: 2893
hi serenity, i got a m&p buggy too and didnt want to spend the 80 euro on the matching changing bag! in the end got one as a present which i picked myself. i got it in a maternity boutique so if your are in any of them chances are they might have some in there too. its a messanger style bag (rectangular!) by littlecompany and on the straps there are little buttons that actually allow you to clip the bag on to the handles so id say it be suitable for most buggies just something to watch out for. didnt notice these buttons until i got home but it would have sold it for me if i was undecided! you could try ebay for changing bags, and also tk maxx sometimes has nice ones.