Any of you girls in curves??????

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lilliebride Posts: 75
hi girls, just wondering if any of you are in curves and how are yous doing? Any of you lose a lot of weight/inches?? Joined three weeks ago and Im enjoying it but find it hard to keep my heart rate between 60 and 70%, it always seems to go higher than this.... And the girls tell me that this rate is the best to burn fat, just find it hard to believe but their the experts. Anyway early days yet so fingers crossed it works.(':wv')
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Not in curves but I'm a gym member for so long now! Don't worry too much about your heart rate at the moment. If you're getting back into fitness after a break then it's going to be high becuase your heart is a muscle and needs serious exercise before it's able to go to the percentage you're talking aobut. What you're doing is very good cardio and you should be thrilled that you are pushing yourself like that. It will slowly come down to the level you want and into the fatburn range but now just think of it like kick starting your metabolism.
honeyec Posts: 969
[quote="lilliebride":17j19fbc]find it hard to believe but their the experts.[/quote:17j19fbc] Actually they're not - very, [i:17j19fbc]very[/i:17j19fbc] few of the staff at Curves are trained fitness instructors. Hoepfully, Curves will work for you, but I have to say, I think it's the biggest gimmick around. Sorry! Very interesting discussion about it here: [/i]
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
If you even do a search for the word 'Curves' in the forum you'll get an awful lot of mixed opinions on it. I'm a member and toned up really well with it - it was actually cheaper and more convenient for me to go to Curves than a gym but considering changing given the reports on it's founder...
loupielou Posts: 31
I was a memeber of curves for about 18 months, yes I certainly toned up a bit, but nothing like the effect if you really apply yourself in a gym.. I recently started with a personal trainer, there is no comparison! You would never push yourself to the level that a trainer standing over you does!! We have been training now for two months, I haven't lost any pounds but I have lost about three inches off my waist, a couple off each thigh, inch off each arm and two off the hips. Its been really hard work and even harder to stop focusing on the scales!! We are conditioned to think that fat loss is only reflected on the scales, its a hard one to overcome but clothes that I couldn't close are now loose on me!!! and I feel great. I wanted more serious results so this approach suits me but curves may be perfect for you. All the best with it :wv