Any one going to use re-useable nappies?

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D Momma Posts: 1101
Just wondering if any one has decided whether to use re-useable nappies or not. I am going for bamboo nappies and just looking from ideas from anyone else?
dreamer Posts: 3941
Hi Mrs. T. I have been trying to get/do a bit of research on these too. Two brand which seem good are Bambino Mio and Little Comfort. The big difference to me seems to be that the Bambino Mio napppies have to be folded whereas the Little Comfort ones are pre-folded. Here are the links and I would love to hear from anybody who has used or is using either!!
Emomc Posts: 2069
Considering this just want to talk to someone who has actually used them first! I am going to try out some freebies a colleague is giving me who works in the Environment area. Apparently you have to wash these ones five times first so they have full absorbency! There was a segment on this on TV3 this morning. The lady on was promoting her products:
Elkie Posts: 127
Hi New Mrs T, that's funny that you posted about reusable nappies cos I've only just seen the feature on Ireland am about eco nappies and they look lovely. I hadn't really thought about it until now. The website is
Finished here Posts: 2860
I really want to use these and have posted about this here before. There are a lot of mums on magic mum that use them and also lots of reusables for sale. I thought the bambino mio ones were supposed to be good but seemingly they are not great. Also the advice the mums on mm gave was that each baby is different and it is worth getting an assortment of nappies to try first before choosing which ones you stick with. Also i believe you may end up using different cloth nappies for day and for night or for boy or girl !!
byebye Posts: 599
Am hoping to go this route as well. There are so many different type that it's confusing.. So looking at the different ones..
spanish mum Posts: 2468
have got some size 2 ones (flexi tots) for when he´s older, and may plan to use them for around the house, and continue with dispoasbles at night and when out and about. Not sure for first few months..may get some in and see how it ges. have ben stocking up on disposables tho, just in case