Any One have a Hairy Tummy since PG?

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madhatter01 Posts: 495
I have and I'm totally morto! Its like a fluffy tummy haha its not very obv but I can see loads of them. Anyone else have this? Is it a sign of the sex of the baby :o0 :o0 Very Weird!!! >:o)
Mrs Magoo Posts: 475
I have a very hairy belly. Expecially around my belly button :o0 :o0 Thank god i am fair haired :o0 :o0
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I got it too around my bellybutton and I am dark haired. I feel like its a boy from the beginning, do you feel you know what sex the baby is?
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Yep - I have this lovely addition also and I'm due a little girl. I'm quite dark anyway - so its just more noticable than normal. Gross :eek
The PDQ Posts: 954
I have that weird looking line going the whole way down too, like a seam joining my two halves together.
madhatter01 Posts: 495
haha gas isnt it! No I dont know what Im having either just a weird one huh! :o0 :o0
lmc1978 Posts: 423
Elvana! I was going to post this msyelf! i have a very fluffy belly! kind of downy hair! but my hair has been growing so fast all over since ive been PG. legs are ridiculous! :eek
over the moon Posts: 676
Yep I'm getting a hairy belly especially around the belly button but fair haired so not too noticeable. *)
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
me too!! I have to shave mine because my family are always asking if they can see my belly and I'd die if they seen how hairy it is I've also noticed dark hairs growing around my nipples :-8
madhatter01 Posts: 495
my legs are like a wolfs back! the hair flys down! I won't complain as my hair (on my head lol) :o0 is growing really fast and soooo shiny so I guess thats the nice bit! >:o)