Any one know Martin Devaney video Dublin & Galway

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melody2009 Posts: 9
Hi All trying to get a video for August in Galway, just wondering if any of you know of Martin Devaney or anyone else you could recommend. Thanks Wollies
ozypozy Posts: 2950
He goes by and he's a supplier on this site. He contributes quite regularly as well and seems to be very approachable and professional. Even helps out wollies who haven't booked him!!
Quiglep Posts: 150
Hi Ive booked him for my wedding in October he s so lovely really helpful I like the package he offers - all the little extras and its much more modern than some videographers stuff i looked at. Must ring him actually to confirm its a while since i booked im!
early days Posts: 691
I've booked him too, for July. You can ask him to send a sample dvd and you can see for yourself. Seems really nice to deal with too which is important. Nobody wants a dvdzilla on the day!
Veruca-Salt Posts: 1542
We are having Martin too! Seems really good and has good feedback! :wv