Any one know the benefits of Carrots????

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frass Posts: 3
Guys please say the benefits of Carrots O:| O:| O:| O:| Pleaseeeeeee :action31
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Is this what you're looking for? ... rrots.html
debrahall Posts: 12
Carrots are good for skin and it is a good source of fibers and antioxidant. :)
hcsloves Posts: 10
They say it's better for the eyes. But doesn't seem to work that much since I eat a lot of carrots and my eye sight has gotten worse! lol.
joshuamiller7602 Posts: 14
Here are some benefits Helps to prevent heart diseases. Increases blood flow and circulation. It boost immunity. Helps in digestion It reduces risk of several cancer It lowers risk of macular degeneration It reduces risk of stroke Helps to control diabetes
joshuamiller7602 Posts: 14
It's well known that carrots are good for eyes and other health conditions. It is one of the best dietary source of beta-carotene (antioxidants). Beta carotene helps to protect the skin against the free radical damage. Carrots also contains vitamin C. I have found more relevant information about foods and other health information that are beneficial for health. You can also find out on this link.
emmaackermann Posts: 15
Carrot is very beneficial to improve eyesight, repair skin tissues and reduced the risk of night blindness, cancer etc. It is also very useful in case of hair fall.
joshuamiller7602 Posts: 14
Why only carrots you should also try some other foods that are helpful for healthy life. you can go through with antioxidant rich foods. it will help you. ... that_you_m
SweetMJ Posts: 14
Carrots are good for eyes and skin. But eating too many carrots can lead to excess blood carotene which can discolor the skin.