Any one use interior designer

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altavista Posts: 383
Just at planning stage of new house. Was thinking of getting an interior designer. Can I ask those who used much are they ..around And did u think they were worth it.
Curunina Posts: 83
Hey - yes, I have been gradually renovating my house, and I hired an interior designer, and think it was absolutely worth it - and would have been at double the price. On pricing - the way they charge depends on what you need. Your best bet is to ring and ask for pricing structures. I know that the person I used charges 500 euro for paint colours, layout advice, and general help.
MScStudent Posts: 22
Hi Curunina, what does the 500 cover? Is that for the whole house? I was quoted 280 just for the kitchen/living room but didn't know if it was expensive
RobynRivera Posts: 10