Any other Sep Brides feel that time is running out?

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Jojobean Posts: 185
Hey ladies So I'm down to 12 more Fridays before the Big day. OH stag is in 2 weeks then we're heading away for a week and then my hens the following wkend. Made my beauty appointments last wk for wk of wedding but just tried to book my hair and realised I've seriously little time left in the days coming up to wedding. Really want things to be relaxed and calm but already feels like its gonna be such a rush - anyone else feel like that or have any tips?
McLisa Posts: 1815
i felt like i had loads of time so made a to do list of absolutely everything, then worked out all weekends we have something on, hen party/stag/family gatherings etc Mum still hasnt got her outfit and lives 3 hours away so trying to get back and forth to help her, dress shop is 4 hours away and have to go back and forth to it for fittings, bridesmaids are all over country so getting them together is a nightmare. So i've realised i have very very little time :eek :eek :eek plus we're getting married in spain so everything has to be done, organised, sorted and packed the week before wedding to fly out - it'll all come together...i keep telling myself that! Invites are getting finished tonight - i dont care if i have to sit up half the night i'm getting my kitchen table back!
highbeam Posts: 2578
The clock is definitely ticking. I really need to make a list of what is left to be done. Not feeling the pressure too much at the minute as we finally got the invites finished. I am conscious of not letting time slip away from me and being left with a lot to do in the last couple of weeks. Feel like we are at the stage where we have to do a couple of things each week or we might hit panic stations in 6 weeks time. I am really starting to feel the excitement now.
Magsk Posts: 644
Im the same how quick the time has gone in its my hens next week holy shit :eek :eek :eek :eek just going to make a list and check it twice ha O-O
newlywed0912 Posts: 734
Time is flying in, its really scarying me! im not panicing YET. trying to finsh off mass booklets at the moment and guest list and then im gonna start writing invites, picked them up on Monday :) Dress is due in in the next 2 weeks, excited about that. i probably have loads to do but dont know it yet :duh:
mollyb1 Posts: 22
Im 9 weeks to go.. defo feel so much to do and so little time.. dont know how i'll pack it all in!
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
YES!! I've 12 weeks to go and seriously feeling the pressure!!
Jojobean Posts: 185
Awe thanks for all the replies - so good to know I'm not on my own!! We had wedding booked 6 months before we announced engagement so we were so ahead of ourselves we never had any moments of panic. Suppose there are certain things that can only be done closer to the time so I'll just need to take your advice and make a list!! Thanks everyone and best of luck to you all xx